30 Easter Party Ideas for a Sunny Celebration

Updated: Mar. 04, 2024

Is it your turn to host this year? We've got plenty of Easter party ideas to wow your guests—from fun and games to unexpected desserts.

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If you’re hosting Easter this year, you know you’ve got to stock up on eggs and plenty of chocolate bunnies before guests arrive. But why not make your celebration bigger and better than ever? We’ve got Easter party ideas that’ll thrill your loved ones, from the littlest egg hunters to the big bunny himself.

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Pinwheel Mints; Easter Candy Board
TMB Studio

Build an Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

Everyone loves a good charcuterie board. With a twist to it with the perfect Easter idea, why not hit pause on the classic meat and cheese combo and bring in the Easter candies (bunnies and marshmallow chicks, chocolate eggs and more).

To create an Easter nibble board, lay a base of paper Easter grass (skip the plastic stuff). Then add in plenty of your favorite store-bought candies as well as homemade treats like pinwheel mints, cutout cookies and candy bunny tails.

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Easter Egg Bread Exps Toham23 20394 Dr 11 01 11b

Braid an Easter Bread

Many countries have a braided bread tradition for Easter. Whether you prefer the Polish paska, Greek tsoureki or Italian pane de Pasqua, our Test Kitchen agrees that they’re such a rewarding (and tasty!) part of the holiday season.

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Bunny Cake Exps Cwam22 267574 Dr 12 17 1b 6

Make a New Twist on a Bunny Cake

We’ve all seen the classic Easter bunny cake made with two round cakes. We still love this dessert, but if you want to try something a little different this spring, try a layered rabbit cake.

To make this cake, frost a layer cake (use our recipe or your favorite layer cake), then pipe on a bunny face. The ears are made with white chocolate candy coating coated in sparkling sugar.

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Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs Exps Ft22 17503 F 0322 1

Dip Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs

We’ve all had (and loved) Reese’s peanut butter eggs before. While they are delicious, why not take it one step further this Easter and make your own peanut butter eggs? And that’s just the start; we have plenty of festive homemade Easter candy recipes.

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Hca21 Pu5534 E06 08 1bc Yellow Sq
TMB Studio

Add Springtime Flair to the Table

Sometimes the only Easter party ideas you need are a festive table to set the stage. An easy way to add Eastertime flair to your place settings is with a simple napkin fold. Pull a linen napkin up around an egg—you can use real or faux—and tie with a ribbon. So easy!

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Sunny Side Up Herbed Tart Exps Hcacb23 47704 P2 Md 08 1b 4

Host Brunch

After morning church services, don’t make your guests wait until dinner to enjoy a robust meal. Instead, host a decadent Easter brunch. You can make things incredibly simple with these overnight Easter brunch recipes. All that you have to do is heat them up when you arrive home.

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Taste of Home

Dye Eggs

If you have kids or exceptionally creative guests coming over for Easter, save dyeing eggs until the party. Pick up a few kits, crayons and stickers so everyone can go all out.

You can up the ante and even host an egg decorating contest. The winner can take home a special prize. Maybe that’s a big chocolate bunny for the kiddos and a bottle of bubbly for the adults. Check out our full guide on how to throw an Easter egg decorating party.

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Taste of Home

Build a Nest

This chocolate Easter torte is a showstopping dessert. If chocolate mousse isn’t for you, here’s one of our best Easter party ideas: You can take the chocolate nest portion of this torte and place it on top of your favorite Easter cake.

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Play a Few Games

If you’ve got kiddos coming over, you’ll need Easter party ideas to keep them entertained after the egg hunt is over. Keep yard games and cards on hand. You can also download our free printable bingo cards for Easter. Use chocolate eggs and jelly beans as markers.

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Fairy Garden
TMB Studio

Create a Unique Centerpiece

Fresh flowers are always welcome on the table. However, if you’re looking for new Easter party ideas to keep your tablescape fresh, head to your china cabinet or local thrift shop and pick up some teacups. Fill these with a bit of floral foam and top with moss, flowers and a few springy figurines. You could even fill these cups with soil and plant a few succulents inside.

A collection looks great in the center of a table. After the party is done, you can send them home as favors.

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Vertical Carrot Cake Exps Toham22 266286 E11 11 2b

Turn Carrot Cake on Its Head

Carrot cake is an Eastertime classic for good reason. But if you want to try something a bit different than this traditional Easter dessert, try making a vertical carrot cake.

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Arrange Fresh Flowers

Easter signifies that spring has officially sprung. To celebrate, fill your home with fresh blooms. You can opt to have flowers delivered or you can arrange flowers yourself—yes, you can do it! With a few tricks, like using tape on your vase, you can create stunning arrangements. For Easter, pick vibrant blooms like Gerbera daisies, tulips and hyacinths.

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Toham23 Pu5329 P2 Md 11 02 2b Sq
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Turn Easter into Teatime

If brunch isn’t for you but you want something to tide your guests over until dinner, you’ll need some new Easter party ideas. Why not try a springtime tea? Serve up tea and small bites like scones and tea sandwiches. Keep hot water at the ready with a good electric kettle (and a coffee maker for those that prefer a cup of joe).

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Refreshing Berry Wine Exps Hca21 256510 E05 07 3b
Taste of Home

Stir up a Signature Easter Cocktail

If you’re hosting Easter this spring, why stop at a basic mimosa? There are so many refreshing spring cocktails you can stir up for a crowd. Try a rosé sangria, a cucumber-gin smash or homemade limoncello.

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Creamy Deviled Eggs Exps Ft21 14833 F 0825 1
Creamy Deviled Eggs Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Serve All Kinds of Deviled Eggs

With so many hard-boiled eggs on hand, deviled eggs are a natural fit for an Easter menu. Try some of our most devilishly delicious recipes like smoked deviled eggs and herby deviled eggs.

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Baker gift basket
Taste of Home

Make Adult Easter Baskets

While the Easter bunny fills baskets for the kids, you can create baskets for your friends. Yep, even grown-ups love Easter treats. Try a themed basket like one filled with baking goodies or crafting gear or gardening supplies. You can even just load up the baskets with classic Easter candy.

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Easter Ham Exps Ft21 17513 F 0317 1 2

Bake an Easter Ham

If you’re new to hosting Easter, impress all your guests by making a delicious Easter ham. We’ll let you in on a secret: making ham isn’t hard! The tricky part is carving it, but with our Test Kitchen’s tips, you can learn how to carve ham in minutes.

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Peep Stamped Towel
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Try a New Easter Craft

Dying eggs is the go-to for crafting this time of year, but why not take a little inspiration from something else filling Easter baskets? Cut a fresh kitchen sponge into the shape of a marshmallow Peep (you can even use one of these bunnies as a template). Dip into paint and stamp everything from tea towels to placemats to paper goods. Use a marker or paint pen to finish the faces.

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Hca20 43127 E05 19 2bc Sq
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Create a Towering Dessert

Think tiered cakes are just for weddings? We’re here with one of our favorite Easter party ideas: a tower of spring Bundt cakes. These sturdy cakes are perfect for stacking high.

You can frost the Bundt cakes and then top them with an edible bird’s nest, Easter candy and springtime cookies.

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TMB Studio

Use the Good China

Looking for an excuse to use your good dinnerware, stemware and vintage table linens? This is it! Loved ones will love to see Grandma’s china on the table and you’ll feel good getting some use out of long-forgotten wedding gifts.

Don’t have quite enough to fill the table? Thrift stores and second-hand shops sell vintage dishware for just a few dollars. And don’t worry about matching—the mismatched look is very au courant.

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Easter Lamb Cake Exps Diyd19 172378 E03 20 1b 27

Decorate a Lamb Cake

Some families make bunny cakes and others make lamb cakes. Keep up the tradition (or start one) with a lamb pan and plenty of shredded coconut! Don’t forget to garnish with lots of jelly beans.

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Hca23 Pu6141 Dr 06 17 11b Sq
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Create Flower Pot Favors or Place Cards

Making baskets for everyone can be pretty time-consuming. Instead, try one of our favorite Easter party ideas: Fill small terracotta or peat pots with paper shreds. Finish the favors off with Easter candy or extras like a packet of seeds.

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Bake Resurrection Rolls

Sometimes called empty tomb rolls, these sweet treats are an Easter tradition for many families. Resurrection rolls are made by wrapping a marshmallow, cinnamon sugar and cream cheese in crescent rolls. Once baked, the marshmallow melts away leaving inside a gooey, cinnamon-sugar treat.

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Courtesy Reminisce

Go Back in Time

While you have loved ones visiting, why not pull out a few photo albums? It can be so much fun to look at vintage Easter photos. The pastel dresses, the hats—even the old-fashioned Easter desserts!

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Taste of Home

Dye Eggs the Natural Way

First, know that eating dyed eggs is absolutely safe. However, if you’re not interested in using classic food coloring, you can dye eggs with natural ingredients. Turmeric, coffee, beets and onion skins can all be used to dye Easter eggs. The colors are more muted but still very pretty.

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Jute Eggs
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Fill Eggs for Everyone

An Easter egg hunt is a must for kids. Stuff eggs full of candies and small toys. For adults, fill eggs with small gifts like Easter decorations and more sophisticated candies like dark chocolate and treats from your local chocolatier.

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Taste of Home

Bake Hot Cross Buns

We think it’s high time for these old-school treats to make a comeback. Stir up a batch of hot cross buns on Easter morning for your family. They’re the perfect addition to your Easter brunch menu.

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Add a Butter Lamb to the Table

Don’t just spread any ol’ butter on your hot cross bun or Easter bread. Butter lambs are a popular tradition in parts of the US. You can find them at many grocers in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for butter turkeys come Thanksgiving!

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Roast Leg Of Lamb
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Try Easter Lamb

While ham gets a lot of the hype this time of year, lamb is also a traditional Easter menu choice. If it’s your first time with this protein, try a hands-off recipe like this roast leg of lamb. It’s packed with flavor and seasonal veggies but requires very little attention to create.

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Taste of Home

Send Home Care Packages

When the celebration is done, send your loved ones home with some treats. Mini egg crates are perfect for sending your pals home with a few hard-boiled eggs or just egg-shaped candies. Who wouldn’t love a few Cadbury eggs to go?