How to Throw an Easter Egg Decorating Party

We're sharing fun new ways to decorate eggs, a springy menu and even a signature cocktail. Let's decorate!

Not to put the pressure on, but Peter Cottontail is readying to hop on down that bunny trail. Do you have your egg game locked down?

Sure, you could buy the 99-cent egg decorating kit in the cardboard box, which works just fine even though it leaves your fingers multicolored and your kitchen smelling of vinegar.

Or…you could throw a party. What better excuse to decorate in all things bunny-related, whip up some spring-inspired dishes and introduce guests to some new and creative ways to turn eggs into art? Below, we’ve got your marching orders (err, hopping orders) all ready.

Edible Invites

Instead of paper, write the details of your party on the back of a chocolate bunny and deliver to your closest friends and neighbors. Find out how to do that here.

Rather go digital? This Party with Your Peeps invite from will work perfectly.

Creative Easter Egg Ideas

Taste of Home

It’s easy to dye Easter eggs with food coloring. Giving your guests a smattering of options to create their own personalized creations will definitely add to the fun. Consider these Easter egg decorating ideas.

  1. Swirly Designs. You can create a cool, swirled effect by adding a few drops of food coloring to a bowl of whipped cream and lightly mix using a toothpick. Roll your eggs in the sticky rainbow mixture and let sit for 45 minutes to an hour before rinsing with water.
  2. A Wordy Statement. Maybe it’s your name, a favorite quote or some instructions for the Easter Bunny (“Hop faster!” or “I love Peeps”). Using a white or black food-safe marker, you can pen your message before dipping eggs in dye to create a modern scripted look. For natural homemade dyes without food coloring, try blending up foods like blueberries, raspberries or beets and mixing them with water and a little vinegar. Be warned, however, the color will take a lot longer to set than with food coloring, so you may want to let these food-dyed eggs rest in their colors overnight.
  3.  Patterned Prints. Stamp out a pattern of cuteness using mini rubber stamps dipped in food dye to mimic a flowerscape wallpaper reminiscent of the 1960s. Make sure you choose tiny stamps in order to get the entire shape to appear on the curved surface.
  4. Chic Black and White. For a modern take, nix the pastels and spray hard-cooked eggs with black chalkboard paint (do this ahead of time so they dry!). Set them out for guests next to a tin of white chalk and let people go wild creating fun designs, patterns or words—though caution them that these particular eggs are for décor purposes only. Don’t plan to eat the leftover eggs!

The Menu

Taste of Home

Considering this is likely a midday party for all ages, plan a menu of brunchable, springy foods. Tiny terra cotta pots filled with carrots and dip, veggie sticks or pretzels will charm guests. We’re partial to this refreshing take on hummus.

Steal the show with our Strawberry Ricotta Bruschetta that reinvents toast by layering on ricotta cheese, strawberry jam, mint and more fresh strawberries. Serve it up on this adorable bunny cake stand to garner attention. Need something savory? Whip up this Asparagus and Cheese Frittata or a plate of these Brie Appetizers with Bacon-Plum Jam. For a sweet treat, this Peeps Sunflower Cake doubles as an adorable centerpiece.

As for beverages, besides coffee and iced tea, you could also do a signature cocktail using Aunt Frances’ Lemonade as the base. Serve the kid version in these lidded plastic bunny cups (no spills!). Offer a spiked version for adults using your liquor of choice and garnishing with a slice of candied orange. Or, create a lemon rind-infused sugar to rim the glasses. Using a mortar and pestle, grind coarse sugar with lemon rind to give it a soft yellowish hue.

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A Cute Scene

Taste of Home

Add to your all-things-bunny tablescape with these party tips and decorating ideas:

A Festive Soundtrack

You’ll need some background music to set the egg-decorating scene—something fun, but not too childish. Relaxing, but which also inspires creativity. Don’t worry, we made you this Spotify playlist and yes, it does include The Bunny Hop, don’t worry.

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