17 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Adults

Updated: Jan. 03, 2024

Who says the kids should have all the fun? Plan an adult Easter egg hunt with these clever ideas.

Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt. For kids, Easter isn’t complete without searching high and low for colorful eggs! You can make the holiday just as fun for the grown-ups with an adult Easter egg hunt.

There are so many ways to switch up a traditional Easter egg hunt to make it more grown-up friendly—why hide eggs when you can hide craft beer? Use a handful of the ideas below to start prepping for the best egg hunt ever. Sorry, kids!

Our Best Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

1. Fill Eggs with Cash

Who doesn’t want a bit of extra cash? Instead of putting Easter candy in each egg, use bills instead. The adults will be thrilled to hunt for these valuable eggs.

2. Hide Fancy Chocolates

Lindt ChocolatesNurPhoto/Getty Images

Keep with the traditional idea of hunting for candy, but up the ante. Fill eggs with gourmet brands instead. Participants will love discovering wrapped truffles or chocolate-covered caramels. You could even make your own chocolate truffles for the occasion.

Also, hop into the kitchen for these Easter breakfast ideas that can be prepped before the egg hunt is finished!

3. Host a Self-Care Hunt

Getting together with your BFFs for the holiday? Hide self-care items such as bath bombs, nail polish, and facial masks for an afternoon of pampering or for friends to take home.

4. Camouflage the Eggs

Make a traditional Easter egg hunt a bit more challenging. Skip brightly colored plastic eggs and look for dark green or camouflage-patterned eggs. This adult Easter egg hunt won’t be easy!

Not sure how to dye easter eggs? We’ll take you through it, step by step.

5. Hide Gift Cards for Coffee

Why not serve up lattes? Instead of chocolate or jelly beans, hide larger eggs with gift cards to coffee shops.

6. Go for the Golden Egg

Shiny golden egg on pile of US America dollar banknotes for Easter egg huntNuthawut Somsuk/Getty Images

Instead of hiding plenty of mini eggs, opt for a handful of larger prizes instead. You can hide the prize in a big golden egg or put a slip of paper inside noting the prize. Hunting for just a few eggs will make it that much more challenging for the group.

7. Make It Boozy

Mini bottles of wine? Craft bottles of gin? Yes please! Skip the eggs and hide boozy options instead. Just be sure everyone hunting is of age.

8. Give a Prize for a Classic Hunt

This adult Easter egg hunt still uses colorful plastic eggs—but instead of stuffing the eggs with candy, hide them empty. Tell the adults to hunt for as many as possible, and give worthwhile prizes for whoever finds the most.

9. Do a Fitness Challenge

This one is fun for an Easter celebration with a group of fitness lovers. Write exercises such as jumping jacks, sit-ups and squats on slips of paper and place them in eggs. Whoever finds that egg, has to complete the exercise before moving on.

10. Stuff Eggs with Beverages to Make

Give adults the gift of a hot cup of coffee or a calming cup of tea. Stuff eggs with things like individually-wrapped tea bags, instant coffee, cups for single-serve coffee makers and more.

11. Hide Cans of Beer

Close-Up Of Man Holding Beer CanThomas M. Scheer/Getty Images

If everyone in the group is old enough to drink, embrace a love for craft beer. Skip the plastic eggs, and hide cans instead. Hunters will love finding go-to favorites or new-to-them craft brews to try.

12. Plan a Raffle

Stuff eggs with raffle tickets instead of candy. Set adults out on their hunt to collect as many as they can. Once the hunt is over, raffle off big prizes.

13. Stick with a Classic Hunt

Who says adults can’t do the same type of egg hunt as kids? Hide plenty of colorful eggs filled with pieces of candy around the backyard. This is one of the most popular Easter egg hunt ideas for a reason!

14. Tuck Away Useful Tools

Instead of candy, stuff eggs with mini items. This could include SD cards, video games, keychains and more.

15. Let the Kids Take the Lead

Adult male hiding Easter eggs outdoors in preparation for an Easter egg huntElva Etienne/Getty Images

Add this to your list of easy Easter ideas for kids. Set up an egg hunt for the adults, but let the kids do the hiding. They’ll love trying to find sneaky spots to tuck away each egg to challenge the grown-ups.

16. Map Out a Scavenger Hunt

To make things a bit more interesting, add a scavenger hunt into the mix. Instead of randomly searching for eggs, adults will follow clues or solve riddles to find the next egg.

17. Make It a Movie Trivia Hunt

Hide eggs with slips of paper in each. On the paper, write a trivia question. Once all of the eggs have been found, get back together to answer your questions. Whoever answers the most of their eggs correctly wins a prize.

Egg-cited to get planning? Mix and match multiple adult egg hunt ideas for the ultimate Easter celebration!