20 Cute Easter Egg Decorating Ideas You Need to Try

Think outside the box (of dye, that is) with these creative Easter egg decorating ideas.

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What do you use to decorate Easter eggs? Switch things up this year and try one of these creative ideas! From temporary tattoos to silk ties and even highlighters, these methods result in beautiful eggs that your kids can help make, too.

Editor’s Tip: People often ask, do you need to boil eggs before dyeing them? The answer is yes. This quick step will protect you from messy egg-dropping accidents—which are bound to happen when working with little kids. Plus, they’ll be ready to eat if you choose a food-safe decorating method.

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Dying easter eggs in shaving cream and food coloring, easter egg decoration ideas
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Mixed Marbles

It doesn’t get much easier (or more fun) than dying eggs in Cool Whip. And it’s perfect for the little ones to get involved. Simply add a few drops of food coloring into a bowl full of Cool Whip and swirl the color with a toothpick. Then, roll your eggs in the mixture until they’re completely covered, and allow the color to set for about 30 minutes. Rinsing the eggs will reveal a beautiful pastel marbling that will look amazing on your Easter dinner table.

If you’d like a brighter coloring to these eggs, let them sit in the dessert topping and food coloring for up to an hour. This method is super fun to do at an Easter egg decorating party.

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Decorating easter egg ideas with bunny tattoos
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Adorable Tattoos

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for little kids and birthday parties. Turn them into your next DIY Easter decoration! For this Easter egg decorating idea, apply themed temporary tattoos (we love these Easter tattoos from Amazon) to an egg’s surface the way you would on skin. You may have to smooth the tattoo onto the egg a bit after the tattoo’s backing is removed.

After Easter, use ’em up in one of these tasty hard boiled egg recipes.

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Painted Easter Eggs With Staw
Westend61/Getty Images

Simple Paint

Get in touch with your natural side by painting simple designs—like florals, greenery or even a chicken—on hard boiled brown eggs. (If you don’t want to pay the extra few bucks, you can also lightly dye white eggs. And yes, there is a reason why brown eggs cost more.)

Not sure how to dye easter eggs? We’ll take you through it, step by step.

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Golden globes
Courtesy of Lily Ardor

Golden Globes

If you’re all about elegance, these major metallics from Lily Ardor are right up your alley. The eggs are made with copper and gold leaf, which can be found online or at your local craft stores. For a more modern vibe, add pops of geometric designs in 3-D black paint.

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decorating easter egg ideas using a stamp, eggs in a bowl
Taste of Home

Stunning Stamps

Pull out your kid’s stamps for some pretty patterned Easter eggs. Use a thin brush to paint gel food coloring on a mini rubber stamp (stick with mini stamps so the full shape can fit on the shell). Then lay the eggs flat or in an egg cup to dry. While you’re decorating for Easter, consider putting together one of these crafty DIY table centerpieces.

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Two Painted Easter Eggs With Rabbit Ears
Westend61/Getty Images

Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way—especially when these cute bunny-inspired eggs line your basket. To make them, dye eggs any color you like. (Here’s how to dye eggs with food coloring.) Then, cut out ears from a piece of felt and hot glue them to the narrow end of your egg. Finish the look by drawing on a simple face of eyes, nose and whiskers. How cute is that!

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decorating easter egg ideas with paint pen
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Perfect Penmanship

When it comes to holiday entertaining, sometimes the easier the better. These food coloring markers make writing and drawing on dyed eggs a breeze. For an Easter-themed place card, use the marker to write your guests’ names on an egg and display it at their seat with an egg cup or napkin ring.

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Easter eggs painted with natural egg dye from fruits and vegetables.
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Au Naturel

Kick the chemical-containing colors to the curb and make your own natural Easter egg dye—you can get pretty hues using ingredients you already have in your kitchen, like onions or grape juice. And no matter what type of dye you use, follow these tips to make sure your Easter eggs are safe to eat.

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Flower power Easter eggs
Courtesy of Craft and Creativity

Flower Power

Pretty pastels + a bevy of blossoms = some serious spring vibes. To make these eggs from Craft and Creativity, wrap floral fabric around each egg, then brush over with a decoupage lacquer (like Mod Podge) to hold it all in place.

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Unusual Painted In Black And White Graphic Style Chicken Eggs For Easter In Gray Ceramic Egg Holder
Oleg Breslavtsev/Getty Images

Black and White

Feeling edgy? Skip the bold colors and instead use a thin black marker to draw on plain, white eggs. We’re loving these polka dots, zebra stripes, florals and more. Psst! Here’s how to organize an amazing Easter egg hunt.

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Easter egg decorating ideas using washi tape and in an egg holder
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Trendy Tape

Deck out your dozen with strips of prettily patterned washi tape. Mix and match shapes and shades for a beautifully bright batch (or try a mosaic by scattering tiny pieces around the shell).

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Hand decorated, colorful, pastel, Easter eggs.
Zenza Flarini/Shutterstock

Silky Smooth

These adorable eggs, which are wrapped in assorted silk ties, are almost too pretty to eat. If you’re hosting Easter dinner, pile the eggs in a natural nest for a stylish spring centerpiece, then accessorize with pretty plates and other dreamy decor.

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Highlighter Easter eggs
Courtesy of Salty Canary

Neon Glow

Sneak into your kid’s school supply stash for this awesome egg decorating hack from Salty Canary. And as fun as going crazy with pink, orange and yellow highlighters might be, when it comes to actually peeling the eggs to eat them? Eh, that can be tricky. To make it easier, try this quick trick to peeling hard boiled eggs.

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Modern Hand Dyed Blue Easter Eggs
knape/Getty Images

Simple Specks

Many birds are known for their stunning speckled eggs—and you can bring that magic to your Easter table, too. Start by dyeing your eggs a base color (we love robins-egg-blue for spring!). Then, dip a paint brush into a dark dye color—like black or purple—and gently flick the brush over the eggs to create speckles. For extra glam, use gold paint!

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Confetti-dipped Easter eggs
Courtesy of Studio DIY

All That Glitters

For super sparkly spheres, coat your eggs in confetti, like these from Studio DIY. (Pro Tip: start with a pastel painted shell for an added pop.)

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Galaxy Easter eggs
Courtesy of One Little Project

Seeing Stars

Pardon the pun but these galaxy eggs from One Little Project are, well, out of this world. Inspired by the night sky, they’re “dyed” with nail polish and then splattered with starry sparkles for an extraterrestrial effect.

Are you planning a party? Here are our favorite Easter party ideas for a sunny celebration.

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Painted Easter eggs
Courtesy of Kara's Party Ideas

Dessert Dreams

I scream, you scream, we all scream for these cute creations courtesy of Kara’s Party Ideas. And if all that crafting has you craving a cone (the real kind!), whip up one of these homemade ice cream recipes to cool off.

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Bowl Of Naturally Dyed And Easter Eggs


You don’t need to leave your kitchen to find gorgeous egg-spiration. These dyed beauties rely on the leaves of common herbs for their rustic look. To make, lay an herb cutting atop hard boiled white eggs. Then, gently place the egg inside of a piece of clean nylon stocking, ensuring the herb leaves are still in place. Dye your eggs as desired, then remove them from the stocking and peel off the herb stencil.

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Hand lettered and watercolored Easter eggs
Courtesy of Printable Crush

Watercolor Words

Pretty place card or edible Easter egg? The correct answer would be both. Printable Crush shows us how to dip eggs in just a splash of color at the bottom, then take a calligraphy pen and hand-letter the names of your guests. You can also write festive phrases instead, like “Hoppy Easter” or “How egg-cellent.”

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Heat-changing Easter eggs
Courtesy of Dream a Little Bigger

Magic Mood

Cue all the nostalgia. Just like some of our favorite throwback school lunch recipes, these color-changing eggs from Dream a Little Bigger will take you right back to mood rings and the ’90s. When you pick one up, the warmth of your hand transforms the plain black shell into a rainbow of shimmering shades.

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