What Easter Looked Like From the ’50s to Today

Our favorite Easter traditions—think eggs and bunny cakes—have been around a long time! Check out how the holiday has changed since the '50s.

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Courtesy ReminisceCourtesy Reminisce

Like any holiday, Easter is full of fun and heartwarming traditions that revisit each year. Check out our favorite ways to celebrate! While we may look a little different donning our Easter best today than back in 1950, the celebration endures.

Check out how different (and sometimes similar) Easter looked back in the ’50s, ’60’s, ’70s and beyond.

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Martin Lee Klug (left) and his brother, Richard, with their father, Leo, in front of their grandparents' home in Baltimore on Easter Sunday, ca. 1955
Courtesy Martin Lee Klug

1950s: Dapper Details

Suited up for Easter morning, these lads and their dad look ultra sharp. We hope that after Mass (and hunting for eggs), they got to enjoy a tasty Easter brunch.

We recommend these recipes!

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Alice Hurst with her son Tom Hurst at Easter in Inglewood, CA, 1951.
Courtesy Kathy Gastellu

1950s: The American Dream

White picket fence, a beautiful bonnet and an overflowing Easter basket—talk about picture perfect!

Make these gorgeous treats this spring for a photo-worthy holiday.

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by ANL/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock (882983a) A Woman Pictured With A Pile Of Easter Eggs. A Woman Pictured With A Pile Of Easter Eggs.
ANL/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

1950s: Candy Factories

Back in the ’50s, these ladies were working overtime to produce amazing chocolates and truffles for the holiday. If you’re mixing up decadent truffles, this Easter, try these upgrades for your best yet!

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Courtesy Reminisce

1950s: A Couple on Easter Day

When it comes to dressing up and doing it right, you have to admit ’50s ladies and gents had it right. We’re loving this woman’s dress and matching dotted gloves.

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Courtesy ReminisceCourtesy Reminisce

1950s: Dyeing Eggs in the Kitchen

Dyeing Easter eggs is a wonderfully messy affair. Go classic with vinegar and food color dyes like these ’50s kids or try a more natural approach this year.

Get the scoop on natural egg dyes.

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Courtesy Reminisce

1960s: Bold Skirt Suits & Jackets

Pretty in pink (and red), these ladies look ready to take in the day. Celebrate Easter this year with these perfectly pink treats.

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Courtesy Reminisce

1960s: Sunday Best

These girls in their pastel and floral dresses have us thinking spring (finally!). Celebrate the dawn of this new season with these spring farmers market recipes.

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1960s: Matching Outfits

We typically associate Christmas with wonderfully unique matching ensembles (pssst… you can see plenty here), but this family takes it to a new level by coordinating these six kiddos on Easter morning.

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (6627559a) Taylor Boyd Louis Boyd, 41, wife, Dorothy, 38, and their eight children stand on the steps of Concord Baptist Church of Christ with pastor Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, right, in Brooklyn after attending Easter Services, . The Boyds arrived yesterday from New Orleans EASTER REV. TAYLOR BOYD FAMILY, NEW YORK, USA

1960s: Sunday Service

We love the bunnies, chocolates and eggs, but let’s not forget about Easter morning services, too! (And if you’re looking for easy meals to start in your slow cooker while you’re away at church, check these out.)

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Courtesy Darlene Brenden

1960s: Celebrating with Sweets

Community Cook Darlene says, “Do you think I had enough ruffles?” While we’re sure she’s happy to see those styles left in the past, we’re happy that bunny cakes are an enduring trend.

Check out our version dusted with coconut here!

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Courtesy Ann Marie Crisali Eberhart

1960s: Knowing How to Accessorize

These amazing Easter bonnets just scream vintage (just like these recipes!).

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Courtesy Becky Cline Carver

1970s: Springtime in the Garden

As the unofficial start to spring, who doesn’t love to be outside on Easter morning? If you’re lucky enough, there might be a few flowers blooming.

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Courtesy Suzi Feldner

1970s: Potluck Dinners

On holidays, it’s just natural to gather all those you love together to celebrate. If your’e feeding a crowd, like this family was in 1977, you’ll want to check out these Easter dinners made to serve big groups.

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Courtesy Jolene Martinelli

1970s: Pastel Dresses

We love the look of these two girlies in their Easter best—so sweet! (Just like these springtime cupcakes!)

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Courtesy Suzi Feldner

1980s: It’s All About the Ham

Easter dinner is always a highlight. Make sure that ham is cooked to perfection with this easy, step-by-step guide.

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Valenza Chocolatier via instagram.com

1980s: Next-Level Confections

Can we just say wow? This incredible decorated chocolate egg is the stuff Easter dreams are made of! If you’re ready to take on creating your own candy this Easter, try these recipes.

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Courtesy Joan Hallford

1980s: Counting Eggs

On Easter, it’s easy to go crazy dyeing eggs like this little guy. I mean, who can blame him when it’s so much fun! But after Easter is done and you’re left with extras, you can try these recipes to use them all up!

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Courtesy Sue Gronholz

1980s: A Photoshoot in the Flowers

On Easter morning, we wake up and smell the daffodils (and these amazing breakfasts).

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Courtesy Ellie Martin Cliffe

1980s: Little Ones Join in on the Fun

Looks like this tots found where the rabbit hid all his eggs! After the egg hunt, try these activities for kids for an extra fun and festive holiday.

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Courtesy Joan Hallford

1980s: On the Hunt

While this kiddo is searching for eggs, we bet there’s a few of you out there searching for a fresh take on Easter dinner—something that’s not ham. Check out these recipes for inspiration.

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@carissimcari via instagram.com

1980s: Seeing Double

If one bunny is good, two has got to be better! (And these 14 bunny-shaped recipes better yet!)

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Courtesy Elizabeth Bramkamp

1980s: A New Take on Pastels

Elizabeth Bramkamp, one of our Community Cooks, explains that her daughters and nieces used Easter candies to get that baby blue pucker. While they’re busy eating all the Robin’s Eggs, we’re eyeing up those amazing Pyrex dishes on the table!

Find out how to care for your vintage pieces here.

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Courtesy Brianna Gripentrog

1990s: Photos With the Easter Bunny

How tiny and cute does this little girl look in E. Bunny’s arms? Just a little bit cuter than these micro mini desserts.

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Taste of Home

1990s: Taste of Home Recipes Delight

Do these bunny biscuits look familiar? We love these biscuits because they’re a simple recipe to bake up with kiddos and they’re super festive to boot.

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Courtesy Nancy Kaminski

1990s: All Ears

There’s nothing sweeter than a smiling kiddo next to a smiling Easter bunny—well, except maybe these tasty Easter bakes.

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Various Photos of my childhood, my mother's childhood, and brothers. Cheri (mother) was born in 1958, lived in Ladysmith, WI. She lived in trailer park as child, moved to house around 7 years old. Lakeside cabin in Minocqua, WI. Birthdays at 'Grandpa's Pizza' in Ladysmith, WI. Christmas, 4th of July, and Easter at Grandparent's (Donald and Joann Rubow) in Ladysmith, WI. Mother's wedding at St. Matthew's Church in Campbellsport, WI, where she teaches 1st grade.
Courtesy Chase Patt

1990s: Sugar Rush, Anyone?

This photo was taken pre-sugar high, we’re sure! When Easter is over and you’re knee deep in leftover candy, try these recipes (originally designed to use up Halloween leftovers!).

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Courtesy Brianna Griepentrog

1990s: Hats On!

On Easter morning, what little girl isn’t in a floral dress and hat? We love this ’90s version perfect with those adorable pink shoes.

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Courtesy Joan Hallford

1990s: Pre-Pinterest Tablescapes

Community Cook Joan Hallford shows off her Easter tablescape from back in ’98. Check out that adorable cake! Find more pretty Easter desserts here—perfect for sharing with friends and fam.

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Modern Easter Party
Taste of Home


While most families continue to celebrate with an special Easter brunch or family dinner (hello, honey-glazed ham!), we’re seeing more and more casual get-togethers that offer a new spin on classic holiday traditions. Think: adult Easter egg hunts, decked out Easter baskets, dedicated Easter egg decorating parties and more. We’re excited to see what’s next!

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