30 Best Easter Cocktails to Make This Spring

Kick off your brunch on a bright, bubbly note with these Easter cocktails. From mimosas with a twist to sparkling peach Bellinis, these springtime refreshers are worth a toast.

Strawberry MimosasStrawberry Mimosas

Whether you’re digging into Easter brunch or enjoying an elegant Easter dinner, an Easter cocktail will make the meal even better. These spring drinks range from fruity to herbaceous, and it’ll be hard to pick just one to make this year! If the kids feel left out, make them one of these nonalcoholic spring drinks to sip on.

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Strawberry Mimosa

Blend fresh strawberries with a bit of orange juice, put the puree in flutes or other decorative glasses, and top with Champagne or another sparkling wine. The combo makes an easy springtime refresher and perfect Easter cocktail.

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Mint Julep

Kentucky Derby Day isn’t the only time to sip a refreshing mint julep. This lightly sweet, minty cocktail fits right along with other Easter brunch ideas.
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Dill Bloody Marys

Everything’s coming up dill pickle! There’s just enough brine to brighten this Bloody Mary, and the pepper gives it a nice kick. To make it a zero-proof Virgin Mary, just leave out the vodka.
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Guava Coconut Rum Cocktail

Give your Easter cocktails an island spin with this tropical drink. Guava adds just enough sweetness without overpowering.
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Basil Citrus Cocktail

Basil is the backbone for this fantastic, light Easter cocktail. Try to find the ginger liqueur—it’s a unique addition that goes a long way in the flavor department.
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Mixed Berry Sangria

Because it’s made with white wine, rum and cranberry juice, the fresh berries really pop in this delicious sangria. Serve it with spoons or long toothpicks so guests can enjoy the fruit when the drink is gone.
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Strawberry Riesling Wine Spritzer

Like a spring garden, this spritzer turns some of the season’s best flavors into an easy-drinking Easter cocktail. The herbal hints from tarragon and a bit of black pepper in the syrup (which is equally good for mocktails) really make the fresh strawberries sing.
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This citrusy classic cocktail can easily be made in batches. Just multiply the measurements by how many people you’re serving, and have the drinks ready when guests arrive for your Easter celebration.
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Rosé Wine Cocktail

Make sure to use a dry rosé for this fruity sangria-style drink. It helps balance the sweetness of the white grape juice. Fresh raspberries and strawberries make it perfect for spring celebrations, but you can also use peach slices or watermelon balls for garnish.
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French 75

Gin, a little sugar and bubbly Champagne make a classic combination that goes back to prewar France. The original version had a powerful kick; this version uses less gin.
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Cucumber Gin Smash

Basil and cucumber combined with the botanicals of gin create a refreshing Easter cocktail. It’s a good complement to Easter entrees and side salad recipes, too.
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Grapefruit Margarita

Dazzle your Easter brunch guests with this beautiful grapefruit margarita. A drizzle of grenadine creates a beautiful sunset look. Next, check out this refreshing white peach margarita recipe.
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Orange Dream Mimosas

Pop a bit of frozen cream orange slush in each glass before adding Champagne for a fun twist on mimosas. For non-alcoholic versions, just use sparkling apple cider.
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Sparkling Sangria

This sangria is like a party in a glass! Chock-full of fruit, citrus, red wine and brandy, it’s a big-batch Easter cocktail for Sunday brunch or any celebration.
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Bella Basil Raspberry Tea

A grown-up iced tea with fresh basil, raspberries and fizzy fun. The bright color is beautiful, and it’s an easy Easter cocktail to make ahead for springtime gatherings.
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Homemade Limoncello

You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, make limoncello. Bottle this as gifts, create a new Easter cocktail with it, or simply sip after dinner.
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Rosemary Strawberry Daiquiri

Rosemary adds a nice herbal twist to this riff on a frozen strawberry daiquiri. If you have rosemary simple syrup leftover, you can add to other cocktails, even no-proof ones.
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Spiked Lemonade

A bright and sunny Easter cocktail to serve for brunch or lunch, rum gives freshly squeezed lemonade a slightly tropical twist. You can also use vodka if you’re not a rum fan. Reserve some lemonade for the no-proof crowd and kids.
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Texas Red River Margaritas

The recipe uses grapefruit juice for this sweet and spicy margarita, but blood oranges are a great substitution, especially for Easter. This one uses jalapeno, but you can always leave it out if you’re not a fan of spice.
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Rhubarb Lemonade Slush

This frozen cocktail is sure to become your next best-loved Easter recipe. Freeze your own rhubarb when it’s fresh in the spring so you can enjoy this slushy drink all year long.
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Micheladas are cool and refreshing, a lot more savory and low-proof than your typical brunch drinks. Start with the basic lager, lime juice and hot sauce recipe, then kick it up with your own variations.
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Salty Dog Sangria

Two cocktails come together to create a refreshing and celebratory Easter cocktail. Grapefruit vodka is the key here, which gets mixed with ginger ale, grapefruit juice, some wine and simple syrup.
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We love how pomegranate juice adds not just a beautiful ruby color to margaritas, but also lots of flavor (and antioxidants!). This is a great drink to mix in batches for a crowd.
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Taking cues from the Brazilian caipirinha, which is made with a fermented sugarcane juice called cachaça, all you need for this simple cocktail is orange-flavored vodka, sugar and ice.
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Bloody Maria

Make Easter brunch a little spicier with a riff on the classic Bloody Mary. Simply swap in tequila for vodka, add more lime and give it a kick with fresh jalapeno.
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Grapefruit soda mixed with tequila and lime creates one of the most refreshing afternoon sippers. It goes with so many different foods, making it perfect for brunch, picnics or any gathering.
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Bubbly Champagne Punch

When you need to serve a crowd, this pretty punch is all you need. The drink itself is delicious, but the frozen ring studded with orange slices and cranberries (or any berry) really steals the show.
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Belmont Breeze

Juicy but not sweet, this flavorful cocktail is perfect for whiskey lovers to sip on a warm spring day. It’s a good candidate for batched party cocktails, too.
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Black-Eyed Susan

In the world of horse racing, the black-eyed Susan is the favorite drink for the Preakness, like what the mint julep is to the Kentucky Derby. This sunny mix of vodka, rum, and pineapple and orange juices will make any Easter brunch better.
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Sparkling Peach Bellinis

The subtle kiss of peach creates an elegant twist on the brunch Bellini. Roasting the fruit gives it a deeper, caramelized flavor for the puree. Use either Champagne or non-alcoholic sparkling cider for the sparkle.

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