Who Makes the Best Chocolate Bunny? We Tested 8 to Find Out.

Easter's on its way. Which chocolate bunny should hop into your basket? We tested eight brands to find out.

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There’s almost nothing better than a basket brimming with all the best Easter candy. Who doesn’t love ripping into a fresh package of Peeps or a handful of jelly beans? But let’s be honest: The real star of the show is the chocolate bunny. No basket is complete without one!

And you know the feeling when you bite the ears off of a good chocolate bunny—it’s the perfect way to indulge on Easter. Of course, there are some less than perfect chocolate bunnies out there, too. So which bunny is best? Eight hopped in our shopping baskets for a taste test.

Who Makes the Best Chocolate Easter Bunny?

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For this taste test, we snagged the most common brands of chocolate bunnies: Dove, Fannie May, Ghirardelli, Godiva, Hershey’s, Lindt, Palmer and Russell Stover. We focused on milk chocolate bunnies, solid chocolate whenever possible.

The bunnies were judged on the following criteria:

  • Taste: Chocolate bunnies are novelties, but they should still taste great. We wanted creamy, flavorful milk chocolate.
  • Texture: Smooth chocolate is key! A chocolate rabbit is a big piece of candy, so you want to enjoy every bite.
  • Cuteness: Let’s face it: if a chocolate bunny isn’t cute, it likely won’t be hopping into your cart. Our ideal chocolate rabbit would be charming.

How cute the bunnies were played into our scores, but rest assured, 95% of our ranks were based on the quality of chocolate.

Honorable Mention: Godiva

Christina Herbst/Taste of Home

Score: 7.6/10

Godiva is known for its smooth, satisfying chocolate. The brand pours the same quality into its chocolate bunnies, it seems! Our testers enjoyed the smooth, sweet chocolate here. It felt rich (but was a bit sweet for some). We also loved that this rabbit looked different than many of the others. Points for cuteness! This one would be a stand-out in any basket.

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Runner-Up: Dove

Christina Herbst/Taste of Home

Score: 7.9/10

Dove dark chocolate is our Test Kitchen’s favorite brand, and it turns out that Dove makes tempting milk chocolate, too.

This solid chocolate bunny was extra sweet, but the strong milk chocolate taste balanced it out. This is a solid chocolate bunny, so we couldn’t imagine eating this all in one day, but that’s OK—it’s definitely tasty enough to savor over the Easter season.

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Best in Show: Lindt

Christina Herbst/Taste of Home

Score: 8.1/10

Chances are you know Lindt for their famous truffles. We’d argue that they should be equally famous for their chocolate Easter bunnies after this test!

This chocolate bunny was our favorite because biting into this treat felt special. The chocolate was exceptionally smooth and creamy—luxurious even! The flavor here was just right for milk chocolate: sweet (but not overly so) and fudgy. Testers agreed that this chocolate rabbit was just the right amount of extra: extra flavorful, extra smooth and extra cute. We just couldn’t resist that bow!

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The Bottom Line

Christina Herbst/Taste of Home

This test proved to us, just like with our Valentine’s Day chocolate test, that you need to be picky when choosing chocolate. Don’t opt for the biggest bunny or the one with the festive extras.

Instead, choose a chocolate bunny from a brand you recognize and enjoy. So if you love Dove chocolate squares, snag a Dove bunny. Enjoy Godiva? Go for their rabbit. But if you have the choice, we recommend Lindt over all the rest. Plus, we love the bow!

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