55 Easter Appetizers That Feed a Crowd

Whether you're hosting your family at home or heading to a potluck, these Easter appetizers will feed everyone with delicious crostini, pinwheels, sliders and more.

Pressure Cooker Garlic Dill Deviled EggsTMB STUDIO

Easter is so much more than chocolate bunnies and overloaded baskets. We have recipes to make your holiday spread one of the most memorable yet! 

Start with any one of these delightful Easter appetizers, like garlic-dill deviled eggs, crisp vegetables and spicy carrot hummus, and stuffed mini peppers. For Easter dinner ideas that will keep everyone happy, we have plenty of suggestions for seasonal side dishes and juicy mains. Then end the springtime celebration with easy Easter desserts like lemon chess pie and rhubarb crisp. Ready, set…hop to it!

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Garlic-Dill Deviled Eggs

No Easter appetizer spread is complete without deviled eggs. The fresh dill really perks up the flavor in this easy snack, which is made in an Instant Pot. If you don’t have one, here’s a good primer on how to make deviled eggs for a crowd.

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Asparagus With Fresh Basil Sauce Exps Cwas21 168442 E04 07 4b 12

Asparagus with Fresh Basil Sauce

Fresh asparagus is one of the joys of spring. The dip is wonderful for just-cooked spears, but it also makes a great spread for sandwiches (so make extra for later).
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Sweet Pea Pesto Crostini

Sweet peas whirled with a few healthy ingredients like vegetable broth and extra-virgin olive oil turn into a lovely crostini topping fit for Easter. Have leftover pesto? Thin it out a bit and toss with pasta.
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Chive Crab Cakes Exps Hrbz17 35068 C08 30 4b 2

Chive Crab Cakes

Make a batch of these tasty crab cakes for a holiday gathering, or serve alongside a nice side salad for a light meal. Either way, the fresh herbs and hit of lemon really pump up the flavor.
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Broccoli Chive Stuffed Mini Peppers Exps Hplbz18 152760 C05 16 4b 9

Broccoli & Chive Stuffed Mini Peppers

When it comes to Easter snacks, you want to keep it fresh and easy. Mini peppers stuffed with a creamy broccoli-studded filling have great flavor and texture and will stand out at any holiday gathering.
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Herbed Feta Dip Exps Cwmjj20 42519 B02 14 6b 11

Herbed Feta Dip

Whir feta and fresh herbs in a food processor and serve the zesty dip with crisp vegetables like mini carrots, radishes and cucumbers. Crackers or soft pita wouldn’t be out of place!
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Fontina Asparagus Tart Exps Sdam17 34985 B12 07 8b 20

Fontina Asparagus Tart

A tart loaded with fontina cheese, fresh asparagus and lemony flavor is sure to be a hit on the Easter appetizer table. Even better: It looks impressive but is a snap to make.
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Air Fryer Calamari Exps Ft21 267744 F 1207 1

Air-Fryer Calamari

This crispy calamari is as good as what you’ll get at your favorite Italian restaurant. A quick coat in crunchy panko bread crumbs and a few minutes in the air fryer is all you need for an easy Easter appetizer.
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Passover Meatballs Exps Ft21 28016 F 0317 1 1

Passover Meatballs

Here’s a great appetizer for those who celebrate Easter and Passover. These beef meatballs use matzo instead of bread crumbs and get smothered in a sweet and tangy tomato sauce. If you want to cut the sugar in half, that’s fine. They’re still delicious!
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Antipasto Skewers Exps Tohpp19 180617 B08 22 14b 3

Antipasto Skewers

So simple and elegant, these one-bite (OK, maybe two) wonders make perfect Easter appetizers. With a pop of color from tomatoes and olives, they look great on any buffet table.
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Santorini Lamb Sliders Exps Tham19 232685 B11 09 3b 1

Santorini Lamb Sliders

Lamb and Easter go hand in hand, but you don’t have to go a full roast route. Make these lamb sliders with creamy tzatziki sauce as a tasty and filling Greek-inspired treat.
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Chicken Salad Caprese Exps Thca19 47342 E08 23 4b 10

Chicken Salad Caprese

Fresh mozzarella, bright red tomatoes and rotisserie chicken on crunchy crostini: What’s not to love? This simple salad-turned-appetizer comes together fast and disappears just as quickly!
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Baby Swiss Appetizer Cheesecake

Make this beautiful savory cheesecake the day before Easter to keep things easy (and to let it set perfectly). We’ve got sweeter options if you want classic cheesecake for a traditional Easter dessert.
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Shrimp Salad Appetizers

Using crisp endive leaves turns shrimp and crab salad into a handheld Easter appetizer. The refreshing light bite gets a zingy boost from Dijon mustard, and a little lemon zest would really bring it home.
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Herb Dip With Spring Vegetables Exps Tham17 201245 B11 17 3b 2

Herb Dip with Spring Vegetables

A plate of fresh spring veggies and an herby dip will keep your Easter guests busy while you finish up the entrees. And a light snack like this won’t fill anyone up for the main event.
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Mini Cheese Balls Exps Toham20 246258 E11 07 10b 19

Mini Cheese Balls

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box for cute Easter treats. Dressed in herbs, sesame seeds or paprika, these mini cheese balls could easily double as garden elements in an edible spring landscape.
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Fruit and Cheese Board

Learn how to make this pretty-as-a-picture fruit and cheese board using fresh and dried fruits, numerous cheeses, dips, spreads and more. Or, get creative and make your own charcuterie board.
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Shrimp And Cucumber Canapes Exps Thca19 112700 B02 27 5b 8

Shrimp and Cucumber Canapes

Cucumber, cream cheese, shrimp and a spicy topping make the perfect bite. Your guests will gobble these poppable Easter appetizers right up.
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Swiss Cherry Bruschetta Exps Tohca20 22581 E02 21 10b 2

Swiss Cherry Bruschetta

Dark sweet cherries make a nice contrast to the nutty, mild taste of melty Swiss cheese on toasted bread slices. Bruschetta of any type is always a winner for potlucks and parties.
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Southern Deviled Eggs Exps Ft22 270251 St 09 14 1 5

Southern Deviled Eggs

Sometimes the classic Southern deviled egg, made with mayo, sweet relish and a little bit of mustard, is exactly what you need. They’re simple, delicious and a no-brainer for Easter brunch.
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Garlic Mozzarella Bread Bites Exps Rc20 255377 B09 09 3b 3

Garlic Bread Bites

These little cheesy garlic bread bites are really easy to make from scratch and go great with any dipping sauce. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, we have a slew of delicious Easter bread recipes for the holiday.
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Mushroom Caponata Exps Cimz18 66909 C09 05 4b 3

Mushroom Caponata

A mushroom-y twist on traditional eggplant caponata, it’s the perfect appetizer for vegetarian-leaning guests. Make sure to have plenty of pita, bagel chips or crackers on hand, and save leftovers for salads and spreads later on in the week.
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Broccoli Fritters Exps Ft21 48247 F 0720 1

Broccoli Fritters

Even kids who usually turn up their noses at green foods will go for these tasty broccoli fritters. To make them a little more grown up, serve with a dollop of sour cream or tzatziki for a delicious Easter appetizer.
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Cheddar Veggie Appetizer Torte Exps Mtcbbz17 38102 B02 23 4b 3

Cheddar-Veggie Appetizer Torte

With a thin cracker crust, this veggie-filled torte cuts into small wedges that can easily be eaten as finger food. If you want something plated, served with a side of lightly dressed fresh greens.
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Pressure Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip Exps Ft19 249173 F 1213 1 1

Pressure-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

Let the Instant Pot do all the work for this Easter appetizer. Simply cook chicken with hot sauce, then shred it and toss with various cheeses. Serve with tortilla chips and watch the dip disappear faster than the Easter bunny can hop away.
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Cranberry-Glazed Lamb Skewers

Everyone knows skewers make the best party food. For an extraordinary Easter appetizer, marinate lamb in a savory cranberry sauce and bake for a few quick minutes. Serve with extra sauce for dipping.
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Mushroom Puff Pastry Bites

This app is just one reason to always have frozen puff pastry in the house. Fill with a savory, creamy mushroom mixture, fold over and bake until golden brown.
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Lemon-Garlic Hummus

The lemony garlic kick adds extra oomph to humdrum hummus. Whip it up in minutes for a quick and easy Easter appetizer.
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Sausage Chive Pinwheels Exps Sddj18 11704 D08 04 2b 8

Sausage Chive Pinwheels

Impressive looking on the outside, easy to make on the inside, these festive pastry spirals come together with only three ingredients and a few minutes in the oven. A double batch is always a good idea—they disappear fast.
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Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes Exps Hca21 10522 E05 11 7b

Cheese-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

These little feta-stuffed tomatoes are like a salad in one bite. Super tasty and light, your guests will easily take more than a few at a time, so make extra.
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Ham Pickle Pinwheels Exps Bpm22 11795 Dr 04 15 8b

Ham Pickle Pinwheels

Use pickled okra in the middle of these ham pinwheels for a fun design, but pickle spears work just fine. You’ll love how easy they are to make, and your party guests will love how delicious they taste.
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Parmesan-Bacon Bubble Bread

This pull-apart bread full of Parmesan and herb flavors makes a great centerpiece to a holiday table, or a fun savory share-and-tear for a buffet. Serve with pesto, marinara or Alfredo dipping sauces.
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Strawberry And Cream Bruschetta Exps Hc16 44015 C07 06 3b 2

Strawberry and Cream Bruschetta

A dessert take on bruschetta, the fruit and cream cheese topping tastes great with cinnamon-coated toasted bread. You could even make for a quick Easter breakfast!
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Spicy Roasted Carrot Hummus  Exps Rc22 269747 Dr 09 30 6b

Spicy Roasted Carrot Hummus

Roasted carrots and warm spices give typical hummus some lift, making this right at home as an Easter appetizer. Make sure to have a lot of warm pita and crisp crackers for dipping.
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Swiss Mushroom Loaf Exps Hpbz16 12823 D05 24 3b 8

Swiss Mushroom Loaf

This cheesy bread topped with buttery mushrooms and nutty Swiss cheese is almost like an inverted French onion soup. Everyone will want to tear into it right out of the oven.
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Pea Soup Shooters Exps172667 Sd132779c06 13 2bc Rms 1

Pea Soup Shooters

Easter appetizers don’t get much easier than this. Make these chilled shooters ahead of time for a colorful pop to your holiday table. Top with a bit of tangy yogurt for more oomph.
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Slim Southwest Deviled Eggs Exps Toham20 168015 B11 12 9b 10

Slim Southwest Deviled Eggs

Made with salsa, cumin and a thin slice of jalapeno on top, these deviled are a cinch to fill and bring a little spice to any holiday potluck or brunch.
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Caramelized Ham Swiss Buns Exps Thfm22 141947 B09 23 4b

Ham and Swiss Sliders

Make these sliders ahead of time and pop them in the oven just as the company arrives. The poppy seeds, horseradish and brown sugar perfectly match salty ham and cheese.
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Honey Champagne Fondue Exps Tohdj20 45531 E08 02 5b 7

Honey Champagne Fondue

Champagne isn’t just for drinking! Add it to this special Swiss cheese fondue, then drizzle in honey, which gives a nice hit of sweetness. Bread and any other dipper will do here.
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Spicy Beef Satay Exps Tohca21 63453 B12 16 3b 6

Spicy Beef Satay

Put that pound of lean ground beef to good use for your Easter appetizer table. Full of fragrant spices and North African flavors, the skewered meatballs are the perfect party food.
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Crisp Caraway Twists

This Easter appetizer comes together quickly with frozen puff pastry, Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese and a few herbs. Bake to a golden brown and serve immediately.
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Salmon Party Spread

Canned smoked salmon and cream cheese, plus a few other ingredients, create a delicious party spread. It looks and sounds fancy, and your guests will gobble it up faster than you can say, “Easter bunny.”
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Gorgonzola Tomatoes On Endive

Gorgonzola Tomatoes on Endive

A simple tomato salad served in endive leaves is a fresh take on finger food. Bottled salad dressing is the secret time-saving ingredient (no one will know the difference).
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Lobster Tartlets Exps Tohca20 153877 B07 16 2b 19

Lobster Tartlets

Cut time by using frozen tartlet shells and canned or frozen lobster tail meat, and you’ll have this Easter appetizer done in no time. Top with just-snipped chives and green onions for color.
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Avocado Bruschetta

These little morsels are basically avocado toast in appetizer form, which is genius. With herbs, spices and a hit of lemon, they look simple but are truly a flavor explosion.
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Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus With Raspberry Sauce Exps Tohca21 85917 B12 16 4b 2

Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus with Raspberry Sauce

Grill the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto for a caramelized, salty crunch. Serve the sweet glaze on the side for dipping.
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Savory Cucumber Sandwiches Exps Ft20 36534 F 0713 1 4

Savory Cucumber Sandwiches

Mini rye bread squares topped with a zesty cream cheese spread and fresh cucumbers makes a delightfully light Easter appetizer. You can even use the spread as a dip for crisp veggies and crackers.
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Sausage Cheese Balls Exps Ft21 34101 F 1111 1

Sausage Cheese Balls

These bite-size meatballs made with biscuit mix and bulk sausage come together quickly. And they’re super adaptable: Swap in different cheeses and serve with different dips, like Dijon-mayo instead of barbecue or sweet-and-sour sauce.
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Rainbow Pepper Appetizers Exps Cimz19 35141 E09 10 11b 8

Rainbow Pepper Appetizers

Bell pepper slabs topped with chopped olives and cheese are the easy Easter appetizer you were looking for. They go great alongside skewered meats and dips!
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Hot Spinach Spread With Pita Chips Exps Hca19 41248 B04 02 7b 20

Hot Spinach Spread with Pita Chips

You can use fresh spinach for this warm dip, but frozen is so much easier (just make sure to squeeze out all the water after you defrost it). Since it’s so colorful, it’s a stunning addition to any Easter appetizer buffet.
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Chicken Cakes with Avocado Mango Sauce

With a little pineapple in the chicken cakes, and a mango sauce for dipping, you can add a tropical flair to the holiday table. Make a meal out of them with a side of rice and steamed broccoli.
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Dill Vegetable Dip

Make cute and colorful crudite cups with a creamy dill dip in the bottom of a cup or glass, garnished with spears of fresh pepper slices, cucumber and carrots.
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Ham Croquettes With Mustard Sauce Exps Tohca21 46686 B12 16 5b 15

Easy Ham Croquettes with Mustard Sauce

Set aside some ham for these croquettes. Shape them ahead of time, fry just as guests arrive, and serve with a lovely mustard sauce.
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Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms Exps Diyd21 31691 B08 31 1b 9

Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

Soy crumbles mixed with herbs and bread crumbs are a great way to go for vegetarian Easter appetizers. They’re super savory and oh so poppable!
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Flank Steak Crostini

Start with cheesy baked crostini, then top with thin slices of perfectly grilled flank steak. It’s like a mini cheesesteak appetizer, a hit at any holiday gathering or Sunday potluck.

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