This TikTok Hack Shows You How to Remove Chicken Tendons

You'll need a fork, a napkin and a bit of elbow grease.

If you’ve ever worked with chicken tenderloins before, you probably know all about chicken tendons. It’s a tough, white string of fat found in the middle of the chicken tender. While some people don’t mind them being left in the chicken, others would rather strip them out. But what’s the best chicken tendon removal strategy?

Sounds like a solution TikTok might have—no surprise! We’ve learned many helpful hacks from TikTok, including how to properly make mashed potatoes or thoroughly clean our ovens.

Now, this TikTok video shows us EXACTLY how to strip the tendons out of chicken!

How to Remove a Chicken Tendon in Seconds

To start, gather the necessary materials. You’ll need a fork, a napkin and a cutting board or plate of some sort.

Take the piece of chicken you’re looking to de-tendon and lay it flat on your cutting board. Next, locate the tendon itself. It should be the stringy white piece in the middle of the meat. You’ll want to dig the end of the tendon out and place it through the tines of the fork (with the fork upside down).

After that, take your napkin and grab the end of the tendon. Pull up on the tendon gently and watch it easily separate from the rest of the chicken. Voila!

This trick is from TikTok user @raerae738. She makes it look so easy:

@raerae738#lifehacks #allaboutthatchicken #fyp #followme♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

How Does This Work?

By isolating the tendon rather than working with the whole piece of chicken, you’re able to peel it out so much easier. It’s much better than trying to cut around the tendon or pull it out yourself. It never really works the way you want it to! Just remember to be gentle.

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