This Is How You Should Be Making Mashed Potatoes, According to TikTok

It's all about the chicken stock, baby!

There’s no denying mashed potatoes are an absolute favorite when it comes to side dishes. They’re even the most popular side for Thanksgiving in at least 10 states, and for good reason. They’re creamy, delicious and no doubt make every meal a hundred times better.

I mean, come on. How can you look at a dish of garlic mashed potatoes or buttermilk mashed potatoes and not devour them instantly?

Now, if you’ve been boiling your mashed potatoes in boring old water this whole time, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way. TikTok user Jourdyn Parks has the inside scoop on how to make our mashed potatoes the greatest dish on the planet.

How Should We Be Making Our Mashed Potatoes?

Jourdyn, who goes by the handle @jeauxp on TikTok, explains that regular water isn’t enough to make our potatoes as delicious as they could be. While some may use a little salt here and here, there’s an important ingredient that a lot of us have not been using.

The secret ingredient is… chicken stock! Well, that or chicken broth. Really, whatever you have on hand. She explains that water and salt just aren’t enough to really bring out the flavor in the potatoes. But chicken stock (or broth) can really give the potatoes a kick in the delectable direction—the kind of direction we’d like to follow!

She also mentions the fact that she rubs avocado oil on the outside of her potato skins after washing them. She them cuts her potatoes into halves. If you like the skin on in your mashed potatoes, give this a shot. Otherwise, peeling them as normal requires no oil.

It’s Just That Easy!

Jourdyn’s routine is so simple. Wash your potatoes, rub them with avocado oil (skin on), boil chicken stock or chicken broth, add some water and salt and boil away. Trust me, they’ll be some of the greatest mashed potatoes you’ll ever have. You’ll never go back to regular water again!

Here’s another TikTok hack on how to make the perfect crispy potatoes.

Take Mashed Potatoes to the Next Level
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