This Video Shows You How to Cut a Bell Pepper Without Any Waste

This TikTok video shows us exactly how to cut a bell pepper. You'll want to give this technique a whirl!

Lately, all of the kitchen hacks that have surfaced on TikTok have made us question how we prepare food and maintain our appliances. We’ve learned how to properly make mashed potatoes, thoroughly clean our ovens and even remove chicken tendons.

The latest TikTok video to catch our eye shows how to cut a bell pepper in a way we’ve never seen before. Once you see the video, you’re going to want to try it for yourself!

How to Cut a Bell Pepper the Right Way

There’s nothing wrong with whatever way you usually slice and deseed a pepper, but this method has to be more efficient. First, you slice off the stem and place the pepper face-down on a cutting board. The bottom of the bell pepper should be facing up.

Then, you simply use a sharp knife to make four slices where the natural indentations occur. Use your hands to open up the pepper, almost like a flower. After separating the four wedges, you’ll be left with the stem with all of the seeds attached for easy removal.

It sounds too easy!

@goldilocks.bears.xHow do you cut yours!? #minimalwaste #foodwaste #cookingtips #cookingtiktok #learnontiktok #foodtips #foodhacks♬ UCKERS – Shygirl

The video comes from TikTok user @goldilocks.bears.x and she has her technique down.

What to Do with Your Perfect Peppers

Use your bell peppers to make a sweet pepper skillet! If you happen to have some Vidalias on hand, sweet onions and peppers aren’t just for sauteeing—they also make perfect pickling candidates. You can transform these two simple ingredients into a sweet onion and red pepper topping that can go on everything from hot dogs to bruschetta.

Don’t forget to check out our pepper primer to discover which types of peppers work best in which dishes. Now get to slicing!

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