How to Shuck Corn, 2 Ways

Save time preparing your corn on the cobs by microwaving your corn husk. It's a kitchen hack you'll wish you knew sooner.

It’s sweet corn season. You’ve mastered the art of picking out the perfect cobs from the produce section or farmers market. Now, it’s just about time to cook that corn. But first, you have to take the cobs out of the husks.

There are two easy ways to go about it. We’ll break down each one from shucking a corn by hand to doing your corn husking in the microwave. Now you can spend less time de-husking and getting tangled in corn silk and more time tucking into that sweet corn.

How to Shuck Corn by Hand

The fresher, the better when it comes to corn. And we’re not just talking about eating it. Fresh sweet corn is easier to shuck, too!

Grab the leaves and pull down so you can see the first several rows of lovely plump kernels. Steady the cob in one hand. Take the silk tassel and leaves in your other hand and give them a firm pull down to the base. Repeat in sections until the silk and husk are pulled back and the kernels are fully revealed in all their glory. Then, simply pull the leaves and silk off the base of the cob. Some silk might still cling to the ear. Pull it off (we like this hack for de-silking), and you’re ready to go steam, boil, grill or pickle your corn.

You don’t need to do it one leaf at a time—yanking down the leaves in larger sections will make the whole process a lot faster. If you’re not one to shuck corn by hand, you can always learn how to cut corn off the cob.

How to Shuck Corn in the Microwave

If you’re not big on shucking corn by hand or need to get the job done fast, it’s time to turn to your trusty microwave. The process is virtually effortless.


Step 1: Cut the corn

How To Shuck Corn In The MicrowaveTMB Studio

First, cut off the bottom of the corn cob, where the stalk meets the first row of kernels.

Step 2: Heat the corn in the microwave

Place the corn on a microwave-safe plate and zap the ears for about 30 to 60 seconds on high heat.

Step 3: Give it a good ol’ shake

How To Shuck Corn In The MicrowaveTMB Studio

Once the time’s up, remove the plate (watch your hands!) then hold the corn by its uncut end. Give it a firm shake and the cob should slide out, leaving the husk and silk behind.

Bonus: You can also use your ‘wave to steam corn on the cob.

Now that your corn is shucked, it’s time to get cooking. Take a look at our best-ever fresh corn recipes for some major inspo!

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