How to Cut an Avocado

Learning how to cut an avocado is easy, but you may be missing out on the healthiest bits.

The first time I ever saw someone cutting avocados, I had ordered tableside guacamole at a restaurant. The server sliced the fruit in half, removed the pit with a knife and then spooned the fruit into the bowl. I saw countless people do it this way—Food Network Channel stars, cookbook manuals and my own parents. I always figured that scooping the fruit from the flesh was the only way to do it.

Using the spooning method I’d always adopted, you actually miss out on some of the most nutritious parts of the fruit called the carotenoids. These antioxidants are found in the avocado’s leathery outer layer that forms the darker shade of green. When you use a spoon, you often press this layer into the skin and leave it inside the shell, eventually throwing away the healthiest part. That’s the stuff that will make these healthy avocado recipes really shine.

Luckily, our Test Kitchen knows of a better way. This method makes it easy to peel the skin from an avocado, keeping all of those nutritious carotenoids intact.

How to Cut an Avocado

What You’ll Need

Cutting an avocadoTaste of Home

Step 1: Cut the Avocado Into Quarters

Cut into the ripe avocado stem to stern until you hit the seed. Repeat to cut the ’cado into quarters.

Twisting that avocadoTaste of Home

Step 2: Give It a Twist

Twist to separate.

Removing the avocado seedTaste of Home

Step 3: Remove the Seed

Pull out the seed. While traditional methods suggest removing the seed with a sharp knife, we’ve found this is a much safer alternative when dealing with a wobbly avocado.

Peeling the skin from quartered avocadoTaste of Home

Step 4: Peel

Pull the skin back like a banana peel.If the avocado is ripe, the skin should separate cleanly. Not only do you get the most of the fruit, but you don’t even need a spoon to do it!

Even though it might seem strange to peel an avocado, the added carotenoids should delay your avocado from browning—the ultimate guacamole hack. See other ways to keep avocados from turning brown.

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