5 Menus for the Perfect Father’s Day Meal

Updated: May 09, 2024

Give the World's Best Dad the day he deserves with one of these Father's Day menu ideas. Whether he's into breakfast, brunch, sports, grilling or gathering up the whole gang, dad will know he's number one.

Get your Father’s Day meal plan ready! We’ve got eight different menus ready for all kinds of dads. Once you’ve tackled these recipes, all that’s left is to find the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day Menus: 

  • Father’s Day Brunch
  • Fried Chicken Lunch
  • BBQ Rib Bash
  • Pizza-Palooza
  • BYOB (Build Your Own Burger)
  • Chicken Wing Extravaganza
  • Taco Night
  • Sundae Smorgasbord
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Father’s Day Brunch

Is your pop an early bird? Then make your big Father’s Day meal breakfast or brunch. Wake up early and fire up the griddle for flapjacks and eggs. Make sure to have plenty of coffee and espresso on hand along with morning sippers like mimosas and Bloody Marys.

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Roadside Diner Cheeseburger Quiche

Breakfast, meet cheeseburger! This quiche takes the burger flavors everyone loves and scrambles them up with eggs. Serve slices with a little pickle relish or ketchup.
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Cornflake-Coated Crispy Bacon

Take bacon to the next level by coating it with, yep, breakfast cereal! The result is sweet, salty and crunchy—all the best ways to start the day.
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Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys are a classic brunch cocktail. This version has an extra kick thanks to a bit of horseradish. If you’re having a lot of guests over for a Father’s Day meal, create a Bloody Mary bar at home.
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Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

For a casual start to Father’s Day, start with a one-dish breakfast. All you need to make this corned beef hash is a cast-iron skillet.
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Fried Chicken Lunch

No one can resist the appeal of crispy fried chicken—not even dads. Celebrate Father’s Day with homemade fried chicken and plenty of extras. You can even make copycat KFC coleslaw to go with your drumsticks. When the meal is done, finish up with southern favorites like banana pudding or buttermilk cake.

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Crispy Fried Chicken

Take a few fried chicken tips from the pros and get frying for Dad’s big day. The results are crispy, crunchy and so delicious.
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Yummy Corn Chip Salad

Corn chips give a special crunch and an unexpected flavor to this potluck favorite. Bacon adds a hint of smokiness, while the cranberries bring a touch of sweetness. It’s the perfect companion to a Father’s Day meal.
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Three-Bean Baked Beans

With ground beef and bacon mixed in, these satisfying beans are a big hit at backyard barbecues, church picnics and at Father’s Day celebrations.
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Summer Orzo

Use up some of summer’s best veggies with this fresh take on pasta salad. Use what you have growing in the garden or take a stroll through the farmers market for inspiration.
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BBQ Rib Bash

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dad that doesn’t enjoy ribs. Make these the star of this year’s Father’s Day meal. Serve these up with plenty of sides including other flame-grilled favorites like corn on the cob and grilled veggies.

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Easy Grilled Corn with Chipotle-Lime Butter

Grilled corn just screams summer. Toss a few cobs on the grill and top with chipotle-lime butter for a next-level touch. If chipotle isn’t for you, try these other easy-to-make flavored butters.
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Big John’s Chili-Rubbed Ribs

This Asian-inspired rib recipe is a nice change of pace from classic rib recipes. If you want, swap out the homemade sauce for your go-to bottled version.
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Lemony Fruit Cooler

Mix up a refreshing fruit punch to serve along with a Father’s Day meal. If you want a little kick, add a splash of vodka.
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Classic Wilted Lettuce Salad

A green salad is always welcome with a rich dinner. This one takes just minutes to assemble so you have more time to spend with Pop.
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Fast Macaroni Salad

Chopped veggies provide crunch, and cherry tomatoes add vibrant color to this refreshing and creamy pasta salad.
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If a pizza oven is on Dad’s Father’s Day wish list, he’ll love a Father’s Day meal with pizza as the star. Start by making your own pizza dough. Then top with plenty of gooey cheese and all kinds of toppings. Finish up dinner with homemade limoncello or tiramisu.

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The Best Sausage Pizzas

Start with a great pizza dough and top it with plenty of fresh mozzarella and spicy Italian sausage. This will be a hit with every dad.
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Garlic Bread

While a Father’s Day meal of just pizza is great, we think homemade garlic bread can take this dinner to the next level.
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Loaded Mexican Pizza

Switch up the pizza toppings for Dad’s Day dinner. This recipe uses Mexican toppings like jalapeños and cilantro.
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Limoncello Cream Pie

A June day requires a cool dessert. This limoncello pie is a great way to finish up a pizza dinner, though you can take inspiration from these other Italian desserts too.
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BYOB (Build Your Own Burger)

We know that many dads can’t resist firing up the grill—even on days when they should be taking it easy. Let dad flip a few burgers if he can’t resist the call of the grill. Be sure to stock up on some extras like next-level condiments and top-notch cheeses. Earn a few extra points with Dad when you make your own burger buns.

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Papa Burger

Is any Father’s Day meal complete without an aptly named recipe? Enter the Papa Burger piled high with the works. You can even serve it with copycat McDonald’s special sauce.
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Air-Fryer Potato Chips

Let Dad show off his air fryer skills with homemade potato chips. Trust us: These are worth the extra effort (though a mandoline makes the slicing go fast).
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Smash Burgers

A Smash burger is exactly what you think it is; balls of ground beef smashed onto a hot griddle. You’ll want to smash them pretty thin so they cook quickly, but it also gets you those crispy, browned edges while still keeping the interior nice and juicy.
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Bread and Butter Pickles

Top your grilled burgers with homemade pickles. If bread and butter aren’t Dad’s thing, try these other types of pickles.
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Icebox Cake

After spending all day outside celebrating Dad, take a break from the sun and enjoy an ice-cold icebox cake. This one is no-fuss and sure to please every chocolate fanatic.
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Chicken Wing Extravaganza

If your pop is the kind of guy that lives for game day, transform your Father’s Day meal into a tailgate-style feast. That means tons of wings, plenty of hot sauce and maybe a few cold beers.

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Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo wings are the classic hot wing. Serve these with some celery sticks and cool dipping sauces. And if you can’t get enough buffalo chicken, try this buffalo chicken dip at your next summer soiree.
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Sticky Maple Pepper Glazed Chicken Wings

The coarse ground pepper cuts the sweetness of the maple syrup by adding just the right amount of heat. These chicken wings are best fresh out of the oven (they are nice and crispy), but they are also delicious if made ahead and kept warm in a slow cooker.
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Homemade Ranch Dressing

Why buy bottled ranch when this homemade ranch dressing recipe is so easy to make—and tastes so much better! Fresh chives are a colorful addition if you have them on hand. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Blue Cheese Dressing

Don’t settle for bottled blue cheese dressing for Dad! This homemade version makes for delicious dunking with chicken wings.
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Taco Night

Don’t wait for Tuesday for taco night! Tacos and other Mexican favorites make for a great Father’s Day meal. Serve up salsa and queso as an appetizer while the taco fillings cook.

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Slow-Cooker Beef Barbacoa

Want beef barbacoa made easy? This recipe uses a slow cooker so you can have hands-off prep while you enjoy playing a few yard games with Dad.
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Spicy Taco Meat

Love a little kick in your tortilla? This recipe gets a kick thanks to plenty of jalapeños and some chili powder. Use leftovers the next day to make quesadillas or nachos.
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Enjoy homemade guacamole at a taco-inspired Father’s Day meal. Serve this creamy dip atop tacos or use it as a dip with tortilla chips. If you have leftovers (we don’t think you will!), here’s how to keep guacamole from going brown.
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Fish Tacos

A cool sauce with just a bit of zing tops these breaded fish tacos. Feel like you’re at your favorite Mexican joint when you serve these along with margaritas.
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Fried Ice Cream Dessert Bars

Fried ice cream is such a delicious treat, but it can be a hassle to make individual servings. This recipe gives you the same fabulous flavor in an easy and convenient bar form. It’s the perfect end to a taco dinner.
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Sundae Smorgasbord

If your dad has a sweet tooth, add a sundae bar to your Father’s Day celebration. This frozen treat buffet should include pints of Dad’s favorite ice cream and toppings galore. Because it’s a big day, make sure you make a few things from scratch, like homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Don’t skimp on the sprinkles either!

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Rich Hot Fudge Sauce

There’s nothing better than hot fudge drizzled over ice cream (or gelato or froyo).
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Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

While there’s nothing wrong with cracking open a pint of Pop’s favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor, you can take Father’s Day to the next level with homemade ice cream. This strawberry ice cream is so easy to make with a good countertop ice cream maker.
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Contest-Winning Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Watch Dad go nuts over this homemade butter pecan ice cream. For best results, toast the pecans first for even more flavor.
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Salted Caramel Sauce

Rich and delicious, this salted caramel sauce is the perfect blend of sweet, salty and creamy all in one. You can make this homemade ice cream topping and keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks.
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All-American Banana Split

In 1904, the first banana split recipe was made in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, by David Strickler, an apprentice pharmacist at a local drug store. Have Dad re-create this over-the-top sundae after a good Father’s Day meal.