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10 Condiments That Could Be the Next Sriracha

Want to go beyond mayo and mustard? Looking for something a little spicier than sriracha? Meet our starting lineup of flavor-packed sauces, spreads and more.

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Avocado Saucevia

Avocado Sauce

Putting avocado on, well, everything just got a little easier. Kumana Avocado Sauce ($12) adds a rich, flavorful punch to eggs, meats, sandwiches and more. Plus, if you’re watching what you eat, it’s keto- and Paleo-friendly. Try it on our best taco recipes!

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Japanese Barbecue Sauce

When barbecue sauce and hot sauce are too much and soy sauce isn’t enough, reach for Japanese hot sauce. Bachan’s ($14) walks the line of sweet, salty, savory and tangy—making it a great addition to so many recipes. We recommend trying it with chicken wings to start.

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Ketchup, meet mustard. This fun and funky product ($28 for 3) blends two of your favorite condiments into one tasty sauce. Try it in original, zesty and smoke flavors.

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A staple in Moroccan cuisine, harissa ($10) is here to add a savory, spicy kick to your favorite dishes. Try it with couscous, roasted meats or as a stand-alone spread. (We’re obsessed with these harissa sweet potato fritters.)

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Tahini isn’t just for hummus anymore. This versatile sesame seed spread ($17 for 2) is a delightful addition to falafel, pastas, baked goods and more.

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Jalapeno Saucevia

Jalapeno Sauce

When you’re looking to add a little something to your favorite dish, turn to Yellowbird’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce ($7). Made with red jalapenos and a variety of veggies, it’s the perfect condiment for subtly spicing up almost anything (and it’s one of our Test Kitchen’s favorite brands).

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Zhoug Saucevia

Zhoug Sauce

There’s a reason zhoug sauce ($3) has a cult-like following at Trader Joe’s. Reminiscent of pesto, the bright green condiment packs a vibrant, spicy punch. We like it on sandwiches, paired with pita or drizzled atop fresh fish. More items you should only buy at TJ’s.

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Chili Crispvia

Chili Crisp

Prepare your tastebuds for Lao Gan Ma’s chili crisp ($10)—they’ll want you to put this spicy sauce on everything. (And yes, we mean everything.) Sauce devotees love it on dishes both sweet and savory. 

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Kewpie Mayonnaisevia

Kewpie Mayonnaise

Give your plain ‘ol mayo an international update. Made in Japan, Kewpie Mayonnaise ($11) has a richer, creamier consistency than its American counterpart. Try it in one of these fun and unexpected ways.

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Silan Date Syrupvia

Silan Date Syrup

When you’re craving something sweet, reach for Soom’s Silan Date Syrup ($19 for 2). You get the rich texture and taste you’ll find in other syrups (like maple and agave), but less sugar.

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