Are You Making This Mistake with Baby Spinach?

Updated: May 24, 2023

Huh. Who knew?

We all know spinach is a superfood. Just look at Popeye! You should add even more to your diet if you want to keep your brain and body healthy. But you’re making a big mistake with that box of baby spinach.

What’s the problem?

You’re using it too much!

Wait. What’s the difference?

Baby spinach is simply spinach leaves that are harvested before they fully mature. Regular “full leaf” spinach has larger, more mature leaves. We’ve got two compelling reasons that regular spinach wins out:

Regular spinach costs less.

Want to know an easy way to save more money on your grocery bill? Choose regular spinach. Baby spinach costs more! You don’t need to fork over the extra dough for baby spinach. You can also buy regular spinach in bulk, so you don’t have to buy more than you need.

Need another reason to skip the baby spinach?

Regular spinach tastes bolder.

When cooked, regular spinach actually tastes better than baby spinach. Crazy, right? But it’s true. Baby spinach tends to turn slimy and mushy when cooked. Regular spinach keeps a more palatable texture.

If you’re looking for a more flavorful option, choose regular spinach. And, remember, spinach is for more than salads!

How can you choose the best spinach?

When shopping for spinach, look for dark green crisp leaves. The leaves should not be yellowing or wilting, as that is a sign the spinach is already on its way into your garbage. Fresh spinach should keep well in your refrigerator for about a week when stored properly. Put your spinach in a container that will protect the leaves from getting crushed by other items.

Test Kitchen tip: Add dry paper towels to your spinach container to help the greens stay fresher longer.

Now that you know the secret about baby spinach, could you be making these other mistakes with produce?

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