Here’s What the Measurement Lines on a Solo Cup Are Actually For

You can use built-in Solo cup measurements for more than beer, wine and liquor.

Take a second to look at the red plastic Solo cups stashed in your cabinets—you’ll notice several lines on each 16-ounce cup. The Solo cup measurements have a purpose, and it might not be just for pouring cocktail drinks at your backyard party.

What Everyone Thinks Solo Cup Measurements Are For

Inspired by viral posts on Facebook, people use the red Solo cup measurements line for pouring out drinks. The bottom-most line, measuring 1 ounce, is thought to be for pouring liquor. Moving up, the next line, measuring 5 ounces, is commonly used for measuring wine, while the line closest to the rim measures 12 ounces for beer.

All of these measurements correlate with standard pours for each of these adult beverages, so it makes sense to assume that’s what the Solo cup lines are for. However, Solo has debunked this common myth!

(Psst: Did you know can use Solo cups to play Prosecco pong and other adult party games?)

What Solo Cup Measurements REALLY Mean

Solo shares that alcohol measurements were not an intentional design element for the widely used plastic cup. Instead, the company recommends other common uses for red Solo cup measurements, like mouthwash, cereal and the recommended amount of water we need to drink each day.

The Real Meaning Of The Lines On A Solo CupTaste of Home

While the alcohol component is surprisingly accurate in measurements, Solo also offers fun, kid-friendly ways to use the lines in the plastic drinkware—think juice, chocolate syrup and Shirley Temples.

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