This Adorable Pouch Fits Right Onto Your Stanley Cup to Store Small Necessities

Updated: May 24, 2023

#WaterTok brought us our beloved Stanley Quencher, and these hydro fans found a new hack for bringing your drink along on errand runs and gym days. Say hello to the Stanley cup pouch!

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Gone are the days when you have to carry a purse or wear a backpack to hold your daily essentials. This cute water bottle pouch for Stanley and other cups wraps around your beverage holder. Believe it or not, it’s big enough to fit money, chapstick and even your phone. Emotional support water bottle, meet your new best friend.

If you’ve never heard of #WaterTok, allow me to introduce you to TikTok’s very own community of water enthusiasts. Although #WaterTok prides itself on luxe water bottle collections, this clique is all about the health benefits of H2O. In addition to using drink mix-ins and stocking up on bottles, they’re also tapped into niche hydration trends. You can credit WaterTok with the rising popularity of Stanley cups, like the Taste of Home editor-tested Stanley Quencher. Recently, we’ve spied a new bottle hack trending on WaterTok: the Stanley cup pouch.

What is the Stanley cup pouch?

Made from water- and heat-resistant synthetic rubber, the Stanley cup pouch is easy to clean and simple to use. It boasts an adjustable elastic strap that fits a variety of bottles, from the classic Legendary Stanley to the trending Stanley Quencher. A sturdy zipper doubles as a durable key holder. Inside, the pouch has just enough room for essentials, like credit cards, lip balm, cash, phones and hand sanitizer.

Securing it to your water bottle or cup is easy using the adjustable Velcro strap that fits reusable water bottles up to 40 ounces. Easy access to cash and keys is ideal for trips to the gym, yoga classes or during school drop-offs. Not only does this trendy pouch allow folks to leave their purses at home, but it also looks adorable sitting on a Stanley cup. See how @homesweetpink coordinates it with other popular #WaterTok accessories in the TikTok below.


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How to Use the Stanley Cup Pouch

Using the Stanley cup pouch is easy—it literally takes just two steps. First, secure it to your water bottle using the adjustable elastic strap. Lastly, lock it in place with the sturdy Velcro, and voilà! The pouch is ready to fill with personal items like keys, change and phone. Thanks to these H2O-focused TikTok trends, we plan on decking out our Stanley tumblers in all sorts of fun accessories for the perfect on-the-go hydration station.

What Other People Are Saying

Reviewers praise the Stanley cup pouch for its versatility, easy-to-clean materials and secure fit.

“I do not carry a purse or wallet to the gym, so this was such an awesome find,” writes verified purchaser, Beronica Larsen, “It’s large enough to hold my iPhone 14 Plus and some ChapStick and cash. Fits easily as it uses Velcro to secure to your bottle. Pink color looks great in person.”

Where to Buy the Stanley Cup Pouch

Stanley Cup Pouch Via MerchantVia Merchant

The Stanley cup pouch is available on Amazon in a choice of pearlescent pink or stylish seafoam green. Additionally, both colors retail for a fair $30, which is comparable to the cost of a sling bag. Looking for more color options? Another Amazon retailer offers 10 hues, including black, gray, beige, green and a colorful pattern, for a truly personalized feel.

Despite the low price, the quality design and cute look give this Stanley backpack a classy look. Looks like I’ll have to buy a new Stanley cup to match my new pouch!

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