10 Coffee Mug Organizers to Display Your Favorite Cups

Updated: Mar. 25, 2024

If you've got more mugs than you can count, check out the best coffee mug organizers for your space.

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Rustic Countertop Coffee1 Mug Rack via merchant

Countertop Coffee Mug Organizer

On the list of must-have coffee products? A mug organizer. This adjustable, two-tier wire mug rack holds eight cups and can be mounted on the wall or placed on a countertop. Made of metal and wood, it’s versatile for nearly any space and fits most standard-size mugs. Plus, we love its charming, cozy and rustic feel.

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Bamboo Drying And Storage Tree via merchant

Bamboo Coffee Mug Storage Tree

This countertop tree-shaped organizer holds eights mugs, but has a slim profile, so it won’t overburden your space. The hooks are adjustable, so you can lower the product’s height to fit under your cabinet. Try placing it next to your coffee grinder or coffee pod organizer so everything is in one place.

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Large Wall Mug Holder via merchant

Wall-Mounted Coffee Mug Organizer

A smart option if you have a solid mug collection, this six-tier wall mug holder holds up to 27 mugs, offering plenty of storage. Practical and decorative, the black wall-mounted metal holder brings some nice dimension to a blank wall.

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Expandable Stackable Mug Organizer via merchant

Stackable Coffee Mug Organizer

Looking to add more storage in your cabinet? These minimalist mug organizers are meant to simply stack two mugs on top of each other—without a wobbly situation. The expandable piece can fit small and large mugs alike. While not a Keurig accessory, it’s certainly a handy item.

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Vintage Wooden Coffee Mug Stand via merchant

Vintage-Inspired Coffee Mug Organizer

Another vintage-style gem, this brown two-tier stand is made of sturdy metal and engineered wood to firmly sit on the counter with anti-slip pads. Super-easy to put together, it holds up to 16 mugs, which is ideal if you have a large family or expect guests to come by. (Just make sure you have plenty of healthy coffee creamer on hand!)

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Steel Compact Shelves via merchant

Steel Compact Shelves

Depending on your space’s layout and configuration, and the items you’d like to display, these two compact shelves can be laid out separately, stacked vertically or overlapped horizontally. Made of sturdy perforated steel, they hold everything from mugs and cups to sugar bowls, tea, a grinder, an electric frother, decorative items—or nearly anything else you can think of.

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Floating Mug Shelves VIA MERCHANT

Floating Coffee Mug Racks

If you’re a bit short on kitchen space or have some wall room to spare, why not keep everything neat and tidy with a floating shelf for mug storage? Available in three colors, this set of two wall-mount shelves is easy to install. You can create your very own coffee bar by stashing essentials, like coffee containers and filters, on the shelf and hanging mugs underneath.

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Black Wall Mounted Mug Holders via merchant

Coffee Mug Rack

This compact set of two wall-mounted mug organizers features “S” hooks for a simple look that’s versatile and suits many kitchen decor styles. Made of durable, high-quality metal that won’t rust, the easy-to-install racks also save what might be precious counter space in a smaller kitchen.

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Under Cabinet Storage Rack via merchant

Under-Cabinet Coffee Mug Rack

This under-cabinet storage rack comes in four color options and is a smart way to save space and display your dishware while keeping your space neat and organized. With four racks, each with four hooks, you can easily and securely store up to 16 mugs or cups, or even other kitchen essentials, like a teapot or utensils.

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Bamboo Metal Shelves via merchant

Bamboo Shelf Organizers

Another cute shelf storage set, these four bamboo mug organizers in black and natural colors are expandable and stackable. They hold up to 33 pounds, so there’s flexibility in what you can display. The shelves can be set up in a cabinet or on the countertop side-by-side, stacked, nested or in an L-shape.