11 Best Coffee Filter Holders So You’re Always Ready to Brew

Updated: May 13, 2024

Keep your coffee bar cute and clutter-free with a coffee filter holder. These are our top picks for every style.

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Enamel Coffee Filter Holder

A seamless addition to any black and white farmhouse kitchen design, this enamel coffee filter holder keeps your cone-shaped coffee filters all in one place. It’s easy to mount on the wall above a coffeemaker, or you can prop it up on the countertop. Find more coffee accessories so you can be your own barista.

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Bamboo and Brass Coffee Filter Holder

Made from bamboo and brass, this nontraditional coffee filter holder is a gorgeous, modern way to store your coffee filters. Not only is it pretty, but it can hold up to 185 filters at once, tucked neatly next to your coffee grinder and handheld milk frother.

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Dust-proof Coffee Filter Holder

Take one task off of your kitchen cleaning checklist with this dust-proof coffee filter holder. The clear lid acts as a protective shield from dust and debris that can easily accumulate as you cook, keeping the 100-plus filters inside clean and safe.

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Magnetic Coffee Filter Holder

This magnetic coffee filter holder helps keep your kitchen counters clutter-free. The modern white holder is magnetic, so you can simply stick it to your refrigerator and grab the filters as needed. Another smart storage solution? These genius coffee mug organizers.

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Minimalist Coffee Filter Holder

These simple and sleek coffee filter holders keep your coffee space organized and stylish. Choose from six different types of wood (and two sizes) so you can match your kitchen decor, no matter your style. Psst! Have you seen these smart Keurig accessories?

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Ceramic Jar Coffee Filter Holder

Each handmade-to-order coffee filter holder is one of a kind, so they take up to 30 days to ship. But the gorgeous jars are well worth the wait—they’re sturdy, food-safe and able to hold your filters without them cluttering up your space. It’s a unique gift for the coffee lover in your life.

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Rustic Coffee Filter Holder

Another sturdy option with a lid to keep things out of sight, this rustic coffee filter holder is a cute accessory for your at-home coffee bar. Not only does it look good, but it helps your circle filters keep their shape until they’re ready to use. Next, you’ll want to stock up on coffee containers to keep your beans fresh.

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Wood Accent Coffee Filter Holder

At first glance, this modern coffee filter holder might look like a simple steel can. But lift the wooden lid and your filters rise up with it for easy access—a clever feature for when you’re not caffeinated yet.

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Walnut and Brass Coffee Filter Holder

Another modern brass coffee filter holder, this handmade coffee accessory is a must-buy, because it keeps your filters easily accessible and looking stylish. But make sure you use cone filters before you buy, as it doesn’t work with other styles. Another modern look you’ll love? This glass milk carton for stashing your creamer.

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Moccamaster Coffee Filter Holder

This stainless steel coffee filter holder is a no-nonsense way to stash your coffee filters. It’s sleek, sturdy, holds up to 100 filters and comes with tape so you can mount it on a wall.

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Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder

Sustainably made with bamboo, this wood coffee filter holder is the ideal choice for the eco-conscious coffee lover. But the best part is its versatility: It can hold up to 140 cone, square or flat-bottomed filters.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Coffee Filter Holders

When looking for the best coffee filter holders, look for products that streamline your routine. Seek holders that have the capacity to hold nearly an entire pack of filters or at least a week’s worth. Consider its design, too. Try picks that add design quality to our kitchen—think bamboo, ceramic or gold, which look sleek and stylish in any kitchen. Magnetic ones are another option to add to your cart; they’re easy to tuck out of sight in small areas. 

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How do I keep my coffee filter from losing its shape?

Keeping your coffee filter folders helps them keep their shape. By storing them in a unique holder (like one from our list), they also maintain their financial shape so they’re ready for your next brew.

Where is the best place to buy coffee filter holders? 

Amazon has an excellent variety of coffee filter holders. You can also shop at Target, Etsy and Walmart for affordable holders. And if you’re seeking more unique and modern picks, head to Wayfair and West Elm.