This Is the Meaning of the “Heinz 57” on Your Ketchup Bottle

Updated: May 24, 2021

No, there aren't 57 types of Heinz ketchup.

When it comes to condiments, many of us have go-to brands. There may be a certain barbecue sauce brand you always buy, and you probably have a preference for yellow or Dijon mustard. Of course, the same goes for almost everybody’s favorite condiment, ketchup.

For die-hard ketchup lovers, the flavor of Heinz is undeniably delicious. The glass bottle definitely makes it more appealing, too. But is there more to the Heinz 57 meaning on that classic bottle than meets the eye? It could commemorate the year Heinz was established, or serve as a nod to the number of ingredients in the secret recipe, but that’s not the case.

There’s a reason that famous number 57 is on the bottle!

What Does Heinz 57 Mean?

Surprisingly enough, Heinz didn’t start out with ketchup at first. The company’s first condiment in 1869 was horseradish, and it grew from there, adding vinegar, pickles, preserves and more to the mix. Based on the bottle’s label stating “57 varieties,” you’d think the company grew to make and sell 57 products. But as it turns out, Heinz was producing over 60 different products (including ketchup, of course!) at the time the number 57 slogan launched and was added to the bottle in 1896.

Inspired by an advertisement he saw promoting 21 styles of shoes, Heinz knew he needed a slogan with the same intrigue. So, he chose his lucky number, five, along with his wife’s favorite number, seven, and he married the two. He combined the two numbers to form ’57’ and added the lucky number to his bottles for years to come.

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How to Get Ketchup Out of a Heinz 57 Bottle

Without the flexibility of squeezable plastic, getting ketchup out of a glass Heinz bottle can be tough. But there’s a trick!

If you’re trying to get ketchup out, smacking the end of a glass bottle will make it flow too fast, leaving you with a mess. It’s all about finding the embossed number 57 and using that as the sweet spot. Tapping where the 57 is marked on the bottle, near the neck, provides the perfect amount of pressure to help coax the ketchup out.

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