Here’s How to Open a Ketchup Packet the Right Way

This really would have come in handy while eating McDonald's in the car as a kid!

It’s no surprise that we love fast food: McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell—you name it! It’s super easy to grab while we’re out and about, whether we’re on a weekend errand run or heading home after a long day. Yes, we love having the time to cook a homemade meal, but sometimes convenience wins out.

So when we find ourselves eating in the car, we need to make the process as easy as possible! And boy, do we have the perfect fast-food hack for you.

How to Open a Ketchup Packet

We all know those ketchup packets that come along with our fast food meals: the little plastic bags that we tear open and squeeze the absolute heck out of. Sometimes it’s onto our burger wrapper, sometimes it’s into the open box of our chicken nuggets, sometimes it’s right onto the fries themselves…and sometimes it’s all over us!

Well, thanks to this genius hack from TikTok user @cookiterica, we won’t have to worry about that anymore. When you’re ready to open your ketchup packet, don’t tear off a small corner and squeeze. Instead, rip off the very, very edge all the way down one side. That way you have a large opening perfect for mess-free dipping (you’ll love this for the kids).

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The Best Fry Recipes for Your Ketchup

Let’s be honest—we just can’t get enough of McDonald’s fries. There are scientific reasons we love them so much. And now we’re all craving them. Whoops…sorry!

But don’t discount the warmth and love put into homemade french fries. Whenever I do burger night for my roommates and me, I always make wedge-cut fries from scratch! Delicious and fun to make, I wouldn’t have it any other way. However you like to eat your fries, with this hack, you always know you’re gonna have a good time.

Make These Fries at Home

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