This Is Why Pickle Jars Don’t Include the Word ‘Pickle’ on the Label

Updated: Sep. 07, 2023

This news is jarring!

Pickles have been a huge part of my life since birth, and that’s no joke. To this day, my mom still buys full gallons of sliced pickles for my brother when he comes over to her house. All my siblings have eaten pickles as snacks and on every other food imaginable for as long as I can remember. I’ve even wanted to start pickling myself so I can sustain a constant flow.

But recently, we’ve come across a viral TikTok that has shown us something we’ve never noticed before. Most major pickle-packing companies don’t seem to have the word “pickle” anywhere on their beloved jars. What’s up with that?

Why Don’t Jars Say ‘Pickles’ On the Label?

TikTok user @jessebanwell came across this interesting tidbit while talking to his son. Jesse says his son “couldn’t find the word [pickle] on the jar anywhere.” Jesse did some digging and found that both his Claussen and Mt. Olive pickle jars had the word nowhere to be seen. He even googled a photo of Vlasic pickles to check out their label game, and sure enough, no pickle label in sight.

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Jesse took to the internet to find information, but couldn’t seem to find an answer. We didn’t want to leave the poor man hanging, so we did some research. Unfortunately, it’s not that intriguing of an answer.

According to most major companies like Vlasic, Claussen and Mt. Olive, it comes down to effective usage of space on the label. Carolyn Goldberger, the brand manager from Vlasic, says, “We use the limited label space to clearly communicate the form and flavor inside each jar. That way consumers can easily find their favorite Vlasic. But no matter the style, it’s definitely a pickle!” Find out the reason why pregnant women crave pickles.

See how Vlasic, Claussen and Mt. Olive rank in our pickle taste test.

How Many Kinds of Pickles Are There?

There are upwards of a dozen different types of pickles for you to try and enjoy. Dill chips, bread and butter chips and kosher spears are a just a handful. Not all pickles are the same, and each person has their own preference. My favorite pickle has got to be a large jar of kosher spears. My dad made sure to have one in the house at all times.

And while cucumbers are the go-to for chips and spears we know and love, that’s not the only vegetable you can pickle. You can pickle avocados, radishes and even fruit. There’s no stopping the pickling train—it’s a vintage cooking skill that will never lose its style!