A Grill Pan Lets You Eat Like It’s Summer All Year Long

Never say goodbye to summer again, with the help of a trusty grill pan.

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Throw a barbecue party indoors any time of year with the help of a grill pan! This awesome kitchen tool creates tasty BBQ masterpieces right on your stovetop.

What Is a Grill Pan?

A grill pan, also known as a griddle pan, is a type of frying pan with raised parallel ridges. Many grill pans have a nonstick surface, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. By the way, this is the right way to clean a nonstick pan.

To get the best flavor, cast-iron grill pans retain more heat than nonstick pans. Cast iron also tends to mimic a grill better than nonstick surfaces. Our cast-iron cooking guide is filled with tasty recipes and tips, to give you some ideas.

How Does a Grill Pan Work?

While there’s nothing like food cooked on the grill, a grill pan can accomplish similar flavors. When you heat up food in a grill pan, the surface in direct contact with the metal absorbs very high levels of heat, creating the iconic char marks and grilled taste. Grill pans are typically used on the stovetop and work well with both electric and gas-powered stoves.

We love using this Lodge cast-iron grill pan ($19) to sear foods perfectly.

What Can I Cook With a Grill Pan?

You have endless possibilities with a grill pan, from charred veggies to seared meats to melty hot sandwiches.

Red meat: Treat yourself to juicy steaks and burgers. Here are some key tips for cooking a burger indoors.

White meat: Chow down on tender, flavorful grilled chicken, turkey and pork.

Seafood: From water to table, seafood fare like salmon, shrimp, scallops are made better with a grill pan.

Sandwiches: Whip up all-time favorites like ooey-gooey grilled cheese, or the perfect panini.

Vegetables: Veggies taste even better when grilled! Try eggplant, or these colorful Brussels sprout kabobs.

Grilling Recipes You've Gotta Try
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