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10 Halloween Food Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

Spiders, ghosts and monsters, oh my! Those are all things you'll find in a haunted house—and on your dinner table thanks to these simple Halloween food ideas.

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Creepy Halloween hot dogs look like a bloody fingersElena Shashkina/Shutterstock

Bloody Fingers

Give finger food a new meaning with these gory goodies. To make the “nail,” simply scrape off a chunk at the tip of the hot dog, then add “blood” with a healthy drizzle of ketchup (the messier, the better!). Get the rest of our spookiest recipes here.

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Halloween jack-o-lanterns filled with minced meatShebeko/Shutterstock

Pumpkin Peppers

Carving pumpkins is fun, yes, but have you ever carved peppers? Start with one of these stuffed pepper recipes, then use a paring knife to cut out eyes and a mouth just like you would for a jack-o’-lantern.

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Halloween pizza with ghosts and spiders, close up on a rustic wood backgroundJeniFoto/Shutterstock

Spooky Pizza

October pizza night calls for this creative topping idea. Press a cookie cutter into slices of fresh mozzarella to make the ghost shapes, then use olives and sprigs of rosemary to make the spiders. Just avoid these common homemade pizza mistakes.

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FrankenguacTaste of Home


Frankenstein called: He wants his guacamole back! This fun way to serve chips and dip is perfect for a Halloween party and is sure to impress—and spook—all of your guests. Whip up basic guacamole or try one of these fun flavor combos.

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Spooky peanut butter and jelly spider sandwiches with paper bats for halloween on a brown rustic cutting board.Evgenia Eliseeva/Shutterstock

Spider Sandwiches

Put a creepy-crawly twist on everyone’s favorite peanut butter and jelly by cutting the sandwiches into circles and adding pretzel legs. Not in the mood for PB&J? Use one of these simple sandwich recipes instead.

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Skull devil eggsTaste of Home

Edible Skulls

There are so many ways to spookify your favorite deviled egg recipe. Like adding food coloring to the filling (green, purple, or red will do!) or using a straw to carve faces into the egg whites so they look like human skulls.

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Sausage and spaghetti funny spiders for Halloween kids lunchElena Shashkina/Shutterstock

Scary Spaghetti

There are plenty of fun fright night treats to whip up this season (just take a peek at this list of some of our favorites). But few are as easy as this trick. Just add food coloring to the water when you’re making pasta and voila!

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Food on halloween partyLadislav Straka/Shutterstock

Fall Fruit

Here’s a festive idea for your kid’s lunchbox (and a way to get them to eat more fruit). Peel a clementine, then slice a tiny strip of celery and stick it in the top as the stem. Want more school lunch ideas? Check out these kid-approved recipes.

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Spider web pancakes with blackberry for Halloween breakfastElena Shashkina/Shutterstock

Haunted Hotcakes

Wake up your kids on October 31 with a stack of these spiderweb pancakes. Mix up a batch of batter (try one of these fall pancake recipes), then use a gallon resealable bag with the tip cut off to pipe your webs onto the griddle.

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Creepy Candied CornTaste of Home

Creepy Corn

All you need for a Halloween-themed movie night is a bunch of horror flicks and a giant bowl of this monster-worthy mix. It’s a classic caramel corn recipe but with a ghoulish green twist (aka a few drops of food coloring).

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