LimonCello LaCroix Is the All-New Flavor We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

This LaCroix rivals Pamplemousse and Peach-Pear!

The most well-known brand of sparkling water is refreshing its flavor lineup. Move over Pamplemousse and Peach-Pear, because we’ve heard LimonCello LaCroix will soon be added to the LaCroix family.

This is why millennials (and other generations) are obsessed with LaCroix.

We Have All the Delicious Details

LimonCello LaCroix is more than just a rumor. The brand itself has been teasing this flavor on Instagram, and fans are already going crazy for it!

Imagine all the bubbly refreshment of sparkling water combined with limoncello flavor that’s actually good for you. Since LaCroix contains no sugar (or alcohol), you can sip this beverage to your heart’s content. Or go wild and concoct a limoncello spritzer by combining real limoncello and LimonCello LaCroix.

This LaCroix has already been spotted at Aldi for $4.79 per 12-pack. It should hit the shelf at other major retailers soon, too.

What Exactly Is Limoncello?

You might be familiar with limoncello as a sweet, citrusy drink—and that’s correct. It’s an Italian liqueur made from lemons, lemon zest, sugar and alcohol.

If you have a bottle of vodka in your pantry, you can make limoncello. We have a homemade limoncello recipe that will rival store-bought limoncello, and it’s easy as can be to make! If you can’t get enough of that burst of boozy lemon, we also have limoncello cream pie and Italian lemon cookies to experiment with.

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