Top-Rated And Fancy Bundt Cake Pans to Elevate Your Baking

Updated: Apr. 12, 2024

For show-stopping baking, only a Bundt pan can deliver such gorgeous results. We gathered up the best Bundt pans for you to choose from.

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Whether you’re baking mini Bundt cakes or a seasonal specialty, we break down the best Bundt pans you can buy. We cover several sizes, shapes, patterns and materials. Our basic rule: You can never have too many Bundt pans!

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Amazon Original Bundt via merchant

Original Bundt Pan

When you think of Bundt pans, chances are you think of this original Bundt cake pan. This pan is a great all-purpose Bundt pan and makes cakes, like this Lemon Lover’s Pound Cake, look gorgeous. Its aluminum, nonstick coating allows for clean cake removal. Plus, it’s oven- and freezer-safe. If you’re going to grab one Bundt pan, this classic is a great choice. You can put it to work with these other Bundt pan uses, too.

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Nordic Ware 9 Cup Bundt Quartet Pan In Gold Ecomm Via via merchant

Quartet Bundt Pan

Maybe you’re gifting a few holiday cakes to friends and family, or just can’t resist the cuteness of a display of mini Bundt cakes. Whatever you’re baking up, this quartet mini Bundt pan is sure to come in handy. It’s made of nonstick, cast aluminum and holds nine cups of cake mix—the same as a standard Bundt pan. However, this capacity is split between the four cakes, each with a different design.

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Ws Heritagebundt via merchant

Heritage Bundt Pan

This heritage Bundt pan is a favorite in our Test Kitchen. And can you blame our bakers? It delivers gorgeous results every time like with this chocolate Bundt cake or fun margarita cake. Its center tube ensures even baking through extra heating, while its vintage design is based on an old German stoneware mold for baking a ring-shaped kugelhopf.

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Nordicware 75thanniversary via merchant

Braided Bundt Pan

Looking for a new Bundt cake pan? Try this new release from Nordic Ware: the 75th anniversary braided Bundt. The arched design is eye-catching and perfect for showing off your favorite glaze and decoration. Give this pan a try when you make a lush olive oil cake with citrus glaze. Its signature gold finish is nonstick for easy cleanup!

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Chiffon Bundt Pan

No decoration is needed with the chiffon Bundt. Soft, shallow designs are attention-grabbing but not challenging when it comes to prepping the pan. That’s a win-win in the world of Bundt cakes!

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Cakelet Mini Bundt Pan

Baking for two parties? This 70th anniversary cakelet plaque is sure to come in handy. Each individual cake is about six inches by four inches, so it’s a great pan for splitting a cake recipe in two, like this buttermilk cake with caramel icing.

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Crown Bundt Pan

We love this cherry and chocolate marble cake. It’s got high ratings and all the things we love inside (including toasted walnuts). Part of what makes it so special, though, is a great pan to show it off. Our Test Kitchen likes to use the crown pan to really make this top-notch recipe stand out. Its nonstick surface allows the cake to pop out cleanly. Plus, its premium aluminum material ensures even rising, uniform baking and a golden crust.

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Slt Jubilee Bundt via merchant

Jubilee Bundt Pan

The name of this pan indicates a celebration. We think our top-rated Bundt cakes are worth celebrating. Pair one of these recipes with the jubilee pan and you’ve got a great match. If you’re baking cakes without icing, the details from this pan will make your cake dazzle on its own.

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Nordicware Fleur De Lis via merchant

Fleur de Lis Bundt Pan

If you’re new to baking Bundt cakes, you don’t want a pan with too many nooks and crannies. (Psst! Here’s our guide on how to choose the best Bundt cake pan.) Getting these pans greased right can be challenging for new bakers. That doesn’t mean, though, that beginners need to stick with plain pans. The Fleur de Lis Bundt pan has soft curves but plenty of attractive details. Plus, it’s nonstick, high heat resistant and holds 10 cups so that you can serve a crowd.

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Brilliance Bundt via merchant

Brilliance Bundt Pan

For Bundt bakers that love all those nooks and crannies, try Nordic Ware’s brilliance Bundt. It makes for some seriously gorgeous cakes and the grooves hold glaze perfectly. Just be sure to grease this pan properly. This durable, heavy-duty pan makes any cake recipe come out looking gorgeous.

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Bundtlette via merchant

Original Mini Bundt Pan

Steal the show at your next party with a display of mini Bundt cakes! This mini Bundt cake pan makes six single-serve cakes, which are designed in the same shape as the original Bundt pan. You might want to make two batches—one for the party and one to keep—’cause you’re gonna want a couple of baby Bundts all to yourself.

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Nordicware Stained Glass via merchant

Stained Glass Bundt Pan

Delicate details are what make Bundt cake pans so stunning. The stained glass Bundt from Nordic Ware has dainty decorations that prove you don’t need any frosting to serve up a jaw-dropping cake. This heavy-duty pan weighs about one and a half pounds. For best results and maximum detail, be sure to follow our Test Kitchen’s Bundt cake tips.

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Nordic Ware 75 Anniversary Braided Cakelet Pan Ecomm Via Surlatable via merchant

Braided Mini Bundt Pan

No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with the braided mini Bundt cake pan. Bake 12 cakelets to give guests individual servings. The pan features divets in each cakelet mold so that heat can be well-distributed in the center of each cakelet. Feeling overwhelmed by all the Bundt cake options? Here are the basics on how to make a Bundt cake.

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Nordicware Magnolia
via merchant

Magnolia Bundt Pan

Need a pan that’s perfect for springtime baking? This Magnolia Bundt pan is just the thing for these spring Bundt recipes. Our Test Kitchen loves using this pan with our blueberries-and-cream coffee cake. Heat it in temperatures up to 400 degrees—it makes an easy bake look festive without a lot of fuss.

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Nordicware Trees
via merchant

Pine Forest Bundt Pan

You can bake up all the holiday feels with this pine forest Bundt. With a little imagination and a few everyday baking supplies, the simplest cake recipe can be transformed into the stuff of wonder. Bake up a great recipe for the holidays—just be sure to dust it with some confectioners’ sugar to make it look like a snowy, winter forest.

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Nordicware Autumn via merchant

Harvest Leaves Bundt Pan

Want to stir up a Thanksgiving dessert that’s not a pie? Break out this leaf-studded pan. It’s absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect match for these fall cake recipes. Plus, its nonstick lining will make plating it a breeze.

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Nordic Ware Art Deco Bundt Cakelet Plaque Ecomm Via Williams via merchant

Art Deco Mini Bundt Pan

For a beautiful display at your next tea party, you’ll love this art deco mini Bundt pan. It features six mini Bundt molds, with three different art deco styles. Nordic Ware’s pan is made from durable aluminum for even baking and consistently delicious results.

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Elegant Bundt
via merchant

Party Bundt Pan

Curvy Bundt cake pans like this party pan are great for cakes and other treats like monkey bread and gelatin molds. Here are dozens of ways you can make use of these pans beyond cakes. The simple design of this pan is a great choice for elegant events—from showers to birthdays.

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Nordicware Rosebud
via merchant

Rosebud Mini Bundt Pan

Get ready to put this rosy pan in heavy rotation. Use it for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day—any occasion really! Who wouldn’t adore a delicious cake served up as their favorite flower? It holds a capacity of two and a half cups, so if you’re baking for a crowd, it could be helpful to have a few pans on hand.

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Nordicware Crystal via merchant

Cut Crystal Bundt Pan

This crystal-cut Bundt pan is one of the more intricate fluted tube pans out there, but also one of the most gorgeous. Inspired by cut crystal, this cake pan is one to use for celebrations with these lush chocolate cake recipes. Due to its durable cast aluminum, you can count on this pan to give you even baking and stunning details.

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Nordic Ware Nonstick Cast Aluminum Duet Bundt Plaque Ecomm Via Williams via merchant

Two-in-One Bundt Pan

When baking two cakes, this duet Bundt pan is a game-changer. Each holds a two and a half cup capacity, making small, individual cakes. Each mold features a different, classic design.

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Nordicware Gingerbread via merchant

Gingerbread House Bundt Pan

The smell of freshly baked gingerbread is so essential to the holiday season—we find almost any excuse to make it. With this gingerbread house Bundt pan, you can stylishly present and serve that warm and spicy favorite for guests of all ages to enjoy. This gingerbread cake recipe hits all the right notes with a perfect balance of ginger and molasses. This Bundt has a sneaky tube center through its chimney.

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Nordicware Haunted Manor via merchant

Haunted Manor Bundt Pan

If you’re serious about Halloween, you’ll want to go with this haunted house cake pan. It’s got great ghoulish details like spiderwebs and ramshackle shutters. Use your favorite pound cake recipe in this Bundt pan and serve it up with these scary sweets for the ultimate Halloween dessert spread. This durable pan is made of cast aluminum and delivers even baking consistently.

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Nordicware Charms via merchant

Charms Mini Bundt Pan

Can’t decide between all these gorgeous Bundt cake pans? You can snag this mini Bundt pan that features some of our favorite pan patterns. Use this pan for your next dinner party and serve everyone an adorable and unique dessert. Each cake mold is about two inches across and comes with its own unique vintage design.