13 Things to Make With a Bundt Pan That Aren’t Cake

Put that bundt pan to work with these ideas for unexpected recipes, crafts and decor.

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Monkey Bread

Need a snack for a crowd? Reach for your trusty bundt pan and make some monkey bread. (Don’t have a bundt pan? Pick one up one for $10 here.) Monkey bread couldn’t be easier: Simply dip small balls of bread dough in melted butter, then roll them in cinnamon sugar. Layer the balls in the pan with any desired toppings, and there you have it! Try it at brunch or birthday parties.

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We were surprised to learn that a basic bundt pan can be used as pretty and practical decor. To make this chic planter, you’ll need to fill up the pan with potting soil, add your favorite plants and hang with a chain. Find the full instructions at Sugar & Cloth.

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Sub Sandwich

Sandwiches for a crowd? This genius recipe from 4 Sons ‘R’ Us couldn’t be easier when you bake the bread dough in a bundt pan. Cut the loaf in half once it’s cool and layer on your favorite sandwich toppings.

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Holiday Wreath

Poor Thanksgiving. The holiday oftentimes gets lost—at least from a decorating standpoint—between Halloween and Christmas. Add some harvest cheer to your home with this adorable turkey wreath. A painted bundt pan serves as his body, while fall foliage from the dried flower aisle fill out his plumage.

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Bundt Pan Bacon Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers from Zestuous
Photo Courtesy of Zestuous

Jalapeno Poppers

We LOVE appetizers, but they can be a pain to make for a crowd. Lessen your workload by throwing an order of jalapeno poppers in your bundt pan. This method from Zestuous makes it easier to fill the peppers while also minimizing mess. It’s a win-win!

You can make appetizers in your 13×9 pan, too! These 35 recipes show you how.

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Ice Ring

A pretty punch is an (almost!) effortless way to jazz up a party. Keep it cool with an ice ring. Use your bundt pan to freeze together juice, ginger ale and fresh fruits. To release the ring, just run the bottom of the pan under warm water. Here are a few more cool and clever ice cube ideas.

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Lasagna in bundt pan
Photo Courtesy of jamiegellerdotcom


Wow guests at your next dinner party with this stunning lasagna from Jaime Geller. Its’ no more difficult than the traditional dish made in a 13×9 pan, but it can be inverted before serving for a show-stopping presentation.

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Gift Basket

If you’ve ever received a gift basket, you know that the basket itself oftentimes goes to waste. A bundt pan, on the other hand, is a cute yet functional holder for all of your goodies. Gather inspiration from Darling Doodles and gift one of these adorable bundt baskets to a newlywed couple, a new neighbor or any other deserving recipient.

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Photo Courtesy of A Spicy Perspective


It’s a Thanksgiving nightmare: so many dishes to prepare, so little bakeware! Think outside the box by using a bundt pan to prepare your stuffing. This idea from A Spicy Perspective frees up your standard baking dishes for other tasks and can also be prepped ahead of time.

Now that you have the method, you need a recipe!  Here are 25 stuffing recipes perfect for Thanksgiving.

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pumpkin craft made from bundt pan
Photo Courtesy of barn148

Pumpkin Craft

Who wold have guessed that two old bundt pans stuck together could look so dang cute? This adorable idea from barn148 features up-cycled materials, a few coats of spray paint and some natural adornments.

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Savory Bubble Bread

You can also use a bundt pan to make monkey bread’s savory cousin: bubble bread. The concept is the same, but you’ll roll the bread balls in seasonings and spices instead of sugar. A little cheese on top makes bubble bread the perfect snack for dipping into marinara sauce.

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Photo Courtesy of artifiednova


If your bundt pan has seen better days, buy a new one for baking and turn the old one into a stunning wreath. This beauty from artifiednova was painted silver, then adorned with fabric flowers.

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Gelatin Salad

Forget about buying a fancy gelatin mold—your bundt pan will work just fine. Just make sure to coat the pan with cooking spray before you get started, otherwise the salad might stick.

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