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8 Ways to Perk up Your Ice Cubes

Use our ice cube ideas to add a spark to your favorite drink with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables or flowers.

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Ice cubes with mint leaves, raspberry and blueberry in glasses, on color wooden backgroundAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Have Fun with Fruit

Fresh fruit makes for bold ice cubes to add to fruit punch, lemonade, iced tea or cocktails, and will make the ordinary look extraordinary! We think berries of all sorts are your best bet—use what’s in season.

Psst…fruity ice cubes would be the perfect addition to any of our best lemonade recipes for summertime.

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Cubes berriesShutterstock / Ahanov Michael

Make It Blush

Add a touch of pink to your next brunch or “It’s a Girl” baby shower menu. Juice cubes will have your drinks blushing! Frozen cherry juice cubes make for a perfect addition to this Fresh-Squeezed Pink Lemonade. Juicy cubes would also make for a great addition to this round-up of party-ready mocktails.

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Iced coffee cubes with milkShutterstock / Fortyforks

Keep the Kick in Your Coffee

It’s a travesty to sip on a watered down iced latte. Keep those flavors bold by freezing coffee instead of water. Have extra coffee on hand? Freeze it and simply add to milk for a simple iced latte. You could also switch things up a bit by freezing milk, and adding milk cubes to this Iced Coffee recipe.

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Woman holding a drink in each handJuliet Blankespoor

Brighten with Botanicals

A floral touch brightens any drink! We love the calendula and bergamot cubes from Juliet Blankespoor at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, which are paired with healing herbal teas. Use fresh rose petals, lavender, chamomile or elderflower to create a clever cocktail or soothing iced tea.

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Herbs suspended in ice cubesJudy Barbe

Hit the High Notes with Herbs

Fresh herbs make a drink sing! Judy Barbe, a registered dietitian, headed out to her garden for some quick inspiration. Sip a savory rosemary lemonade with adorable rosemary ice cubes or try a grilled lemon and thyme lemonade with lemon-thyme ice cubes.

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Watermelon line ice cubes with mintNatalie Rizzo, MS, RD

Infuse Ice with Vitamins

Make your own vitamin infused waters. NYC-based dietitian Natalie Rizzo uses these watermelon lime ice cubes to beat the heat of summer. Things like cucumbers, mango, pineapple and melons add bright notes and water-soluble vitamins to your otherwise boring bottle of water.

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Sparkling strawberry basil limeadeHalf Baked Harvest

Spruce Up Your Cocktails

We love Half Baked Harvest’s sweet addition to tequila. Blogger Tieghan Gerard freezes strawberries and limes in tequila and lime juice, to make some “extremely fun” ice cubes! You could take any of these classic cocktails up a notch with colorful ice cubes, too. Make this martini recipe a bit more dirty with olive juice and olive cubes, or blend fresh mint and freeze for this refreshing mojito recipe.

Test Kitchen tip: Mini silicone muffin pans are perfect for freezing custom cubes!

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Frozen cubes of herbs on a wooden tableShutterstock / Ahanov Michael

Boost Your Immune System

Aromatics have been touted as healing additions to soups and teas. Keep immune-boosting frozen cubes on hand for someone needing a healing boost. Simply freeze sliced ginger, grated turmeric, smashed garlic or rosemary sprigs.

Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RDN
As a registered dietitian Wendy Jo touches on the science and facts behind food, but as a gardener and world traveler she savors the classical dishes our great-grandmothers once made. When she’s not in her kitchen, you can find her and her family exploring the US in their campervan, Olaf!