Why Are Millennials Obsessed with LaCroix?

Sparkling water is the answer to this generation's search for a healthy drink option. Fresh, fizzy and fruity, these drinks come in a variety of flavors.

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It’s no secret that sparkling water is popular. But since when did fizzy water in a neon can become the chic drink on supermarket shelves? Thanks to American’s fading favor with sugary soda, consumers are turning to a healthier option as their drink of choice. Brands such as LaCroix, Spindrift and San Pellegrino are taking over the bottled water market. And millennials are among their biggest fans, as thousands take to Instagram to post a picture of their brightly patterned cans. But what’s all the fuss about?

A Healthy(ish) Option

Bubbly water has been a mainstay on European dinner tables for years. Despite global popularity, it never really caught on with American consumers—until now. With more and more Americans looking for lower-calorie drink options, our “Coca-Cola Nation” has collectively gone on a diet, and as Americans start to eat healthier, we drink healthier, too.

Sparkling water drinks are low in calories, and they’re an easy way to stay hydrated. They’re also a guilt-free option for a healthy buzz. As sales continue to rise, boozy low-calorie sparkling waters are simultaneously taking over the cocktail scene, with brands like Truly Spiked & Sparkling and Spiked Seltzer satisfying conscientious drinkers all over the country.

“Consumers have become more involved in their fitness routines with the nationwide craze of innovative studios, workout classes and more” says Casey O’Neill, product developer at Truly Spiked & Sparkling. “As a result, drinkers are more health-conscious and trend-forward, looking for a solution to balance social events that won’t derail their wellness routine.” These drinks are low in sugar and made from real fruit, she adds. Most important, they’re an easy way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing a social life.

Instagram-Worthy Sips

Beyond their health consciousness, millennials are a snap-happy, oversharing bunch. This social-media generation has the ability to make or break a brand, and sparkly, vibrant cans are trending with the help of millennials. Drinks such as tangerine LaCroix and cucumber Spindrift are perfect for a post-workout cool-down, but they’re even better as the accessory in a #wellness photo opp for Instagram.

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