The $59.99 Stand Mixer Is Back at Aldi (and 4 More Steals)

Ready to save about $500 on kitchen gadgets?

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Last year, Aldi launched a stand mixer that took the U.S. by storm! It was only $59.99 and people raved about how well it performed. That stand mixer is coming back for the holidays in 2019, along with a handful of other can’t-miss bargains.

The products are all HUGE steals compared to the national brands, which is no surprise. It’s one of the reasons we’re crazy about Aldi!

5 Products We’re So Ready For

The $60 stand mixer and other gadgets are part of the sneaky Aldi Finds program, which means you should expect a limited quantity. It wouldn’t be too much of a shock if the products below were gone on Day 1:

Cast Iron 6 Quart Dutch Oven

Courtesy Aldi

You can cook anything in a Dutch oven. Bring on the soup, chili and pot roast!
Price: $29.99
Release Date: October 23
Compare: Le Creuset at $300+

Stand Mixer

Courtesy Aldi

This was a famous buy in 2017 and 2018, and it’s back for 2019. For occasional bakers, this mixer is an absolute steal.
Price: $59.99
Release Date: October 16
Compare: KitchenAid at $199+

8 Quart Programmable Pressure Cooker

Courtesy Aldi

The Instant Pot craze has taken the cooking world by storm—and now you can have Aldi’s version at a steep discount. Here’s what to cook first.
Price: $69.99
Release Date: December 4
Compare: Instant Pot at $80+

Sous Vide Immersion Cooker

Courtesy Aldi

For anyone who loves perfectly cooked steak, chicken or salmon, and hasn’t tried sous vide, you absolutely should. (What is sous vide?)
Price: $149.99
Release Date: December 11
Compare: Anova at $180+

3.5 Quart Casserole Slow Cooker

Courtesy Aldi

Now you can make your favorite casseroles in a slow cooker.
Price: $24.99
Release Date: November 6
Compare: Crock-Pot at $60+

How to Snag Aldi Finds

It’s all about timing! You have to get there on the release date (usually it’s a Wednesday) first thing in the morning. Your best bet is to show up at 9 a.m. when the doors open and head straight for the gadgets—you can pick up that amazing Aldi cheese later.

Cookies to Make with Your New Stand Mixer
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