14 Best New Products at Aldi This December

Updated: Apr. 09, 2024

Pack up your sleigh! We're sharing the best Aldi Christmas buys for shoppers to pick up this December.

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Mama Cozzies Holiday Pizza
Courtesy Aldi

Mama Cozzi’s Holiday Pizza

Mama Cozzi’s pizza is an Aldi fan favorite all year long. But this pie shaped like a Christmas tree will make pizza night festive!

$4.99 / Available Dec. 1

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Specially Selected Holiday Brioche
Courtesy Aldi

Brioche Christmas Tree

This brioche would be the highlight of any holiday brunch. It’s available in two flavors: chocolate chip and vanilla cream.

$5.99 / Available Dec. 1

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Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog
Courtesy Aldi

Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog

You could make Old-Fashioned Eggnog from scratch… but we’re tempted to pick this up at the store!

$5.46 / Available Dec. 1

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Nestle Toll House Disco Morsels
Courtesy Aldi

Nestle Disco Semi-Sweet & Edible Glitter Morsels

Your chocolate chip cookies will stand out at this year’s holiday cookie exchange when you bake with sparkly chocolate morsels.

$2.48/ Available Dec. 1

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Prian Christmas Gnocci
Courtesy Aldi

Priano Christmas Gnocchi

These potato and spinach gnocchi, shaped like trees and stars, would be delicious when paired with a Gorgonzola sauce.

$1.99 / Available Dec. 8

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Monsigny Champagne
Courtesy Aldi

Vve. Monsigny Champagne

Make any night festive with a glass of bubbly. Don’t miss our complete guide to Aldi wine, put together by a sommelier.

$19.99 / Available Dec. 8

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Specially Selected Lobster Tails
Courtesy Aldi

Lobster Tails

Lobster at Aldi? Yes! And lobster is easier to cook than you might think.

$13.99 / Available Dec. 8

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La Terra Fina Quiche
Courtesy Aldi

La Terra Fina Cheddar & Broccoli Quiche

Shopping for gifts, hosting and attending holiday get-togethers… who has time to make dinner?! Serve this quiche alongside a green salad and dinner will be on the table in no time.

$7.99 / Available Dec. 8

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Snowflake Cones
Courtesy Aldi

Snowflake Cones

These raspberry and cream-flavored ice cream cone treats also feature a chocolate coating and raspberry sauce. Buy them for the kids (or as a treat for the parents).

$3.49 / Available Dec. 8

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Gouda Cheese Holiday Trees
Courtesy Aldi

Gouda Holiday Trees

You can add flair to your holiday charcuterie board with some of these adorable Gouda cheeses.

$3.99 / Available Dec. 15

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Clancys Bloody Mary Chips
Courtesy Aldi

Clancy’s Bloody Mary Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips

If you love a good Bloody Mary, you’ll definitely love these kettle chips.

$1.89 / Available Dec. 15

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Specially Selected Bourbon Pecan Pie
Courtesy Aldi

Specially Selected Bourbon Pecan Pie

The secret to passing a store-bought pie off as your own? Just top it with whipped cream made from scratch. We’ll never tell!

$5.29 / Available Dec. 15

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Avocado Dip And Spread
Courtesy Aldi

Park Street Avocado Dip & Spread

December not only brings the holidays, it also brings all the college football bowl games. This avocado dip is perfect for any game day. Available in garlic herb and jalapeno lime flavors.

$2.99 / Available Dec. 29

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Acai Superfruit Packs
Courtesy Aldi

Simply Nature Açaí Superfruit Packs

Upgrade your next smoothie bowl with a boost from this superfood. Available in original blend and pure unsweetened varieties.

$3.99 / Available Dec. 29