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Here’s What to Look for at Aldi This December

This December, Aldi is stocking plenty of seasonal snacks and apps for holiday shoppers. Here's a sneak peek at the Aldi Finds!

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Festive Cheese AssortmentCourtesy Aldi

Festive Cheese Assortment

These cheddar cheeses taste delightful, look adorable and will be gobbled up by guests. Here’s everything you need to build the perfect cheese plate for winter.

$3.99 / Available Dec. 4

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Peppermint Mocha Almond Milk CreamerCourtesy Aldi

Peppermint Mocha Almond Milk Creamer

Start each morning with Christmas cheer by adding a splash of this refreshing creamer to your coffee. Don’t forget to look for Advent calendars at Aldi, too.

$1.99 / Available Dec. 4

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Breakfast BreadCourtesy Aldi

Breakfast Bread

Spread some honey cinnamon butter onto a slice on Christmas morning. It’s available in spicy-sweet gingerbread and tangy cranberry orange.

$3.99 / Available Dec. 11

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Christmas Tree BriocheCourtesy Aldi

Christmas Tree Brioche

Feed hungry guests who made the Nice List this decadent dessert brioche. See what other Christmas snacks are coming to Aldi.

$6.99 / Available Dec. 11

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Shrimp ringCourtesy Aldi

Cocktail Shrimp

Less than $10 for 20+ shrimp? Your holidays will instantly be filled with joy.

$8.99 / Available Dec. 11

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Alcohol-Infused Cheddar CheeseCourtesy Aldi

Alcohol-Infused Cheddar Cheese

The selection includes Boozeberry Cheddar (made with vodka), Whiskey Business and Gaelic Glory (made with Irish creme liqueur). We’ll take one of each.

$3.99 / Available Dec. 11

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Flatbread CrackersCourtesy Aldi

Flatbread Crackers

Add some crunch to your cheese board—or pair the crackers with easy, cheesy dips.

$2.49 / Available Dec. 18

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Puff Pastry BitesCourtesy Aldi

Puff Pastry Bites

Generously stuffed with savory goodness, these pastry bites are perfect for a potluck spread.

$5.95 / Available Dec. 18

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TapenadeCourtesy Aldi


This medley of roasted red pepper and artichoke makes a simple crowd-pleasing appetizer.

$2.49 / Available Dec. 18


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aldi cheese ornamentcourtesy Aldi

Cheese Ornaments

Dress up your Christmas tree with all the cheese you can handle this holiday season.

$4.99 / Available Dec. 4

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Warm Dip MixCourtesy Aldi

Spinach Parmesan Dip Mix

Heat up this dip and serve with vegetables and chips for a lovely snack to hold everyone over before the big feast.

$1.69 / Available Dec. 18

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ProseccoCourtesy Aldi


It’s not the giant Aldi prosecco, but it’ll do. Ring in the new decade with friends, family and plenty of bubbly. Cheers!

$4.99 / Available Dec. 25

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