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A Year’s Worth of Sunday Dinners, Just Like Grandma Used to Make

Revive the old tradition of gathering around the table with friends and extended family for Sunday dinner. Choose from our best Sunday dinners that are categorized by season, one for each Sunday of the year.

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Spring: Dijon-Rubbed Pork with Rhubarb SauceTaste of Home

Spring: Dijon-Rubbed Pork with Rhubarb Sauce

This tender pork loin roast served with a rhubarb-orange sauce is simply delicious! Here's an excellent choice for company—it makes a memorable meal. —Marilyn Rodriguez, Sparks, Nevada

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Spring: Artichoke Mushroom LasagnaTaste of Home

Spring: Artichoke Mushroom Lasagna

Artichokes and baby portobellos add delightful flavor and depth to this impressive dish. —Bonnie Jost, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Spring: Favorite Corned Beef and CabbageTaste of Home

Spring: Favorite Corned Beef and Cabbage

It may be the most famous dish to eat on St. Patrick's Day, but this Irish-American corned beef recipe is a favorite at our table all year long. This is how to make corned beef and cabbage. —Evelyn Kenney, Trenton, New Jersey

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Spring: Spinach Chicken ManicottiTaste of Home

Spring: Spinach Chicken Manicotti

Pepper and nutmeg spice up the rich sauce in this hearty pasta dish. I made this for my boyfriend on our first Valentine’s Day. It was a big success—now we're married! —Amy Luce, Dallas, Texas

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Spring: Classic Crab CakesTaste of Home

Spring: Classic Crab Cakes

Our region is known for good seafood, and crab cakes are a traditional favorite. I learned to make them from a chef in a restaurant where they were a best-seller. The crabmeat's sweet and mild flavor is sparked by the blend of other ingredients. —Debbie Terenzini, Lusby, Maryland

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Spring: Slow-Cooked Turkey with Berry CompoteTaste of Home

Spring: Slow-Cooked Turkey with Berry Compote

We love to eat turkey, and on hot summer days, here's how we get our fix. For golden-brown turkey, broil for a few minutes before serving. —Margaret Bracher, Robertsdale, Alabama

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Spring: Pressure Cooker Risotto with Shrimp and AsparagusTaste of Home

Spring: Pressure Cooker Risotto with Shrimp and Asparagus

This speedy method of making risotto works every time! —Kim Gray, Davie, Florida

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Spring: Turkey PiccataTaste of Home

Spring: Turkey Piccata

I try new recipes every week, but this one has been our family favorite for years. It is especially convenient to prepare now that turkey is available in family-sized portions. Clipping, saving and serving new recipes is my favorite hobby. I hope you will cut this one out!

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Spring: Mushroom & Leek PieTaste of Home

Spring: Mushroom & Leek Pie

In the Pacific Northwest, we make a savory pie with mushrooms and leeks. We prefer chanterelle, but baby portobello or oyster mushrooms will also delight your diners. —Vickie Woods, Salem, Oregon

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Spring: Lemon-Rosemary Pork TenderloinTaste of Home

Spring: Lemon-Rosemary Pork Tenderloin

This tender pork is seasoned with a wonderful herb and lemon rub I created. Even my husband, who is a chef, thinks this dish is special enough for company. —Carol Birkemeier, Nashville, Indiana

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Spring: Vegetable Meat LoafTaste of Home

Spring: Vegetable Meat Loaf

I'm not big on leftovers, so I've pared down my recipes to serve two. This meat loaf is simple and quick to prepare, plus it helps you eat your veggies. It's great served with cheddar-topped baked potatoes. —Judi Brinegar, Liberty, North Carolina

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Spring: Greek-Style Lemon-Garlic ChickenTaste of Home

Spring: Greek-Style Lemon-Garlic Chicken

I love celebrating my Greek heritage with this super simple and scrumptious Sunday dinner idea. Prep time is a breeze and the ingredient list is relatively short for such a flavorful one-dish meal. Each time I make this I'm transported back to my ya-ya, who gave me the special honor of squeezing the lemons! —Lisa Renshaw, Kansas City, Missouri

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Spring: Crunchy Almond Turkey CasseroleTaste of Home

Spring: Crunchy Almond Turkey Casserole

A special cousin shared the recipe for this comforting casserole. The almonds and water chestnuts give it a nice crunch. —Jill Black, Troy, Ontario

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Summer: Crispy Fried ChickenTaste of Home

Summer: Crispy Fried Chicken

If you've wanted to learn how to make crispy fried chicken, this is the recipe for you. Always a picnic favorite, this deep fried chicken recipe is delicious either hot or cold. Kids call it my Kentucky Fried Chicken! —Jeanne Schnitzler, Lima, Montana

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Summer: Ricotta, Tomato & Corn PastaTaste of Home

Summer: Ricotta, Tomato & Corn Pasta

I love to make healthy meals with produce from my latest farmers market trip. This pasta takes just 30 minutes from pantry to dinner table. You can easily make it a meat entree by adding cooked, shredded chicken. —Jerilyn Korver, Bellflower, California

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Summer: Grilled Brown Sugar-Mustard ChickenTaste of Home

Summer: Grilled Brown Sugar-Mustard Chicken

I came up with this recipe in college and it's been a household staple ever since. It's a snap to throw together with ingredients I have on hand. —Kendra Doss, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Summer: Tasty Pork RibsTaste of Home

Summer: Tasty Pork Ribs

I like to serve these tender, country-style ribs over rice. The tantalizing aroma and zippy Cajun barbecue sauce are sure to make this dish a favorite at your house.—Michelle Rominger, Albia, Iowa

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Summer: Garden-Stuffed Zucchini BoatsTaste of Home

Summer: Garden-Stuffed Zucchini Boats

These boats are not only healthy, they're basically a one-dish meal that covers all the bases—just grab your favorite garden goodies and add any spices or mix-ins you like. —Janie Zirbser, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

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Summer: Spanish Marsala Turkey BreastTaste of Home

Summer: Spanish Marsala Turkey Breast

Every home cook has a go-to party dish; this one is mine. The only prep is popping everything in to marinate before roasting. It's a lifesaver during the holidays. —Johnna Johnson, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Summer: Sweet 'n' Sour RibsTaste of Home

Summer: Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs

If you're looking for a change from typical barbecue ribs, you'll enjoy this recipe my mom always prepared on birthdays and special occasions. The tender ribs have a slight sweet-and-sour taste that my family loves. I usually serve them with garlic mashed potatoes and a salad or coleslaw. —Dorothy Voelz, Champaign, Illinois

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Summer: Pork Chops with GlazeTaste of Home

Summer: Pork Chops with Glaze

Rosemary adds a special touch to these beautifully glazed pork chops that are just right for any meal. —Louise Gilbert, Quesnel, British Columbia

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Summer: Fiery Stuffed PoblanosTaste of Home

Summer: Fiery Stuffed Poblanos

I love Southwest-inspired cuisine, but the dishes are often unhealthy. As a dietitian, I try to come up with nutritious twists on recipes, which is how my stuffed chile dish was born. —Amber Massey, Coppell, Texas

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Summer Grilled Ribeyes with Browned Garlic ButterTaste of Home

Summer Grilled Ribeyes with Browned Garlic Butter

Use the smoke of the grill to flavor the ribeyes, then pass them with garlicky butter for a standout entree your friends and family always remember. —Arge Salvatori, Little Ferry, New Jersey

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Summer: Spiced SalmonTaste of Home

Summer: Spiced Salmon

This delicious, moist fish is very quick and easy to prepare. It gets a little sweetness from brown sugar but overall the seasonings are mild and give this dish broad appeal. It's a great way to enjoy healthy salmon. —Donna Reynolds, Innisfail, Alberta

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Summer: Pressure Cooker with Olives & ArtichokesTaste of Home

Summer: Pressure Cooker with Olives & Artichokes

My grandmother came from the region around Seville, Spain, where olives and red wine are produced. Those ingredients get starring roles in her scrumptious chicken. —Suzette Zara, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Summer: Grandma's Cajun Chicken & SpaghettiTaste of Home

Summer: Grandma's Cajun Chicken & Spaghetti

I’m originally from Louisiana, where my grandma spoke Cajun French as she taught me her spicy chicken spaghetti, lovingly made on an old woodstove. —Brenda Melancon, McComb, Mississippi

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Fall: Roasted Chicken with RosemaryTaste of Home

Fall: Roasted Chicken with Rosemary

Roasting chickens this way is simple but gives you that rich roast flavor. The rosemary gives it a sweet taste and blends well with the garlic, butter and parsley. —Isabel Zienkosky, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Fall: Forgotten JambalayaTaste of Home

Fall: Forgotten Jambalaya

During chilly months, I fix this slow cooker jambalaya recipe at least once a month. It’s so easy…just chop the vegetables, dump everything in the slow cooker and forget it! Even my sons, who are picky about spicy things, like this easy jambalaya. —Cindi Coss, Coppell, Texas

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Fall: Herbed Turkey BreastTaste of Home

Fall: Herbed Turkey Breast

Like many of you, I always serve turkey for our family's Thanksgiving meal. But instead of roasting a whole bird, I opt for a turkey breast since most of us prefer white meat. The herb butter basting sauce keeps it so moist, and it's easy to carve. —Ruby Williams, Bogalusa, Louisiana

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Fall: Sunday Pork RoastTaste of Home

Fall: Sunday Pork Roast

Mom would prepare pork roast for our family, friends and customers at the three restaurants she and Dad owned. The herb rub and vegetables give it a remarkable flavor. It's one of my favorite pork roast recipes. —Sandi Pichon, Memphis, Tennessee

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Fall: Slow Cooker Pot RoastTaste of Home

Fall: Slow Cooker Pot Roast

I work full time, so this slow cooker roast beef is my go-to when I want a hearty, home cooked meal. It’s a comfort to walk in and smell this simmering slow cooker pot roast that I know will be fall-apart tender and delicious. —Gina Jackson, Ogdensburg, New York

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Fall: Sausage Spinach Pasta BakeTaste of Home

Fall: Sausage Spinach Pasta Bake

I’ve swapped in other meats—such as chicken sausage, veal or ground pork—and added in summer squash, zucchini, green beans and mushrooms, depending on what’s in season. Also, fresh herbs really perk up the flavors. —Kim Forni, Laconia, New Hampshire

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Fall: Apple Chicken StewTaste of Home

Fall: Apple Chicken Stew

My husband and I enjoy visiting the apple orchards in nearby Nebraska City. We always make sure to buy extra cider to use in this sensational slow-cooked stew. —Carol Mathias, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Fall: Country Ribs DinnerTaste of Home

Fall: Country Ribs Dinner

Ribs slow-cooked with carrots, celery, onions and red potatoes are pure comfort food for us. To add a little zip, we sometimes sprinkle in cayenne. —Rose Ingall, Manistee, Michigan

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Fall: Rosemary Butternut Squash LasagnaTaste of Home

Fall: Rosemary Butternut Squash Lasagna

I came up with this recipe when our garden was brimming with butternut squash. This is now our favorite way to use it. —Christine Wood, Tipton, Iowa

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Fall: Chicken with Sugar Pumpkins & ApricotsTaste of Home

Fall: Chicken with Sugar Pumpkins & Apricots

When we have family gatherings, we give the slow cooker kitchen duty. This yummy chicken with pumpkin and apricots has the warm flavors of Morocco. —Nancy Heishman, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Fall: Turkey Portobello BologneseTaste of Home

Fall: Turkey Portobello Bolognese

This sauce tastes better the longer it simmers, which allows the flavors to fully develop. In fact, it tastes best the second day after a night in the refrigerator. Mangia! —Darrell Kau, Eugene, Oregon

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Fall: Slow Cooker Cassoulet with Crumb ToppingTaste of Home

Fall: Slow Cooker Cassoulet with Crumb Topping

Classically inspired, this dish is loaded with chicken thighs, pork and smoked sausage. Tomatoes, beans and wine round out the hearty French stew, and bread crumbs thicken it slightly. —Marie Rizzio, Interlochen, Michigan

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Fall: Coriander-Crusted Beef with Spicy Cranberry RelishTaste of Home

Fall: Coriander-Crusted Beef with Spicy Cranberry Relish

Jalapeno gives cranberries an extra jolt in this rich, savory roast. —Donna Thomas, Dallas, Texas

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Winter: Traditional LasagnaTaste of Home

Winter: Traditional Lasagna

My family first tasted this rich, homemade lasagna recipe at a friend's home on Christmas Eve. We were so impressed that it became our own holiday tradition as well. I also prepare it other times of the year. This classic lasagna recipe is requested often by my sister's Italian in-laws—I consider that the highest compliment! —Lorri Foockle, Granville, Illinois

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Winter: Sirloin Roast with GravyTaste of Home

Winter: Sirloin Roast with Gravy

This recipe is perfect for my husband, who is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. The peppery, fork-tender roast combined with the rich gravy creates a tasty centerpiece for any meal. —Rita Clark, Monument, Colorado

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Winter: Golden Chicken PotpieTaste of Home

Winter: Golden Chicken Potpie

The golden crust and creamy sauce make this veggie-packed pie a surefire hit. Mild and comforting, the family favorite has convenient freezer instructions for a night when there's no time for prep. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Winter: Spicy Chicken and Bacon MacTaste of Home

Winter: Spicy Chicken and Bacon Mac

I've been working to perfect a creamy, spicy mac and cheese for years. After adding smoky bacon, chicken, jalapenos and spicy cheese, this is the ultimate! I use rotisserie chicken and precooked bacon when I'm pressed for time. —Sarah Gilbert, Aloha, Oregon

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Winter: Wintertime Braised Beef StewTaste of Home

Winter: Wintertime Braised Beef Stew

This easy beef stew is incredibly rich. Since it's even better a day or two later, you may want to make a double batch. —Michaela Rosenthal, Woodland Hills, California

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Winter: Hungarian GoulashTaste of Home

Winter: Hungarian Goulash

Talk about your heirloom recipes! My grandmother made this Hungarian goulash recipe for my mother when she was a child, and Mom made it for us to enjoy. Paprika and caraway add wonderful flavor and sour cream gives it a creamy richness. It’s simply scrumptious! —Marcia Doyle, Pompano, Florida

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Winter: Matthew's Best Ever Meat LoafTaste of Home

Winter: Matthew's Best Ever Meat Loaf

This is comfort food at its best. Mushrooms, beef stock, tomato paste, Worcestershire and soy sauce help boost the meaty flavor of this classic diner staple. —Matthew Hass

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Winter: Cheese ManicottiTaste of Home

Winter: Cheese Manicotti

Cheese manicotti was the first meal I cooked for my husband, and years later he still enjoys it! —Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

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Winter: Mini Pork PiesTaste of Home

Winter: Mini Pork Pies

As a child, I discovered my love of pork pies. I used to help my father deliver oil on Saturdays, and we would stop at a local place to have the meaty pastries for lunch. —Renee Murby, Johnston, Rhode Island

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Winter: Potluck Ham and PastaTaste of Home

Winter: Potluck Ham and Pasta

This easy meal-in-one dish is a real crowd-pleaser on chilly nights. Because it bakes in two pans, you could freeze one for later, depending on your needs. It’s creamy, and filling and has a wonderful ham-and-cheese flavor. —Nancy Foust, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania

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Winter: Brown Sugar Pineapple HamTaste of Home

Winter: Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham

With just four ingredients, this pineapple glaze for ham is straightforward and simple — just what you're looking for in a holiday ham with easy steps. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Winter: Pressure Cooker Boeuf BourguignonTaste of Home

Winter: Pressure Cooker Boeuf Bourguignon

I've wanted to make beef Burgundy ever since I got one of Julia Child's cookbooks, but I wanted to find a way to fix it in a pressure cooker. My version of the popular beef stew is still rich, hearty and delicious, but without the need to watch on the stovetop or in the oven.—Crystal Jo Bruns, Iliff, Colorado

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Winter: Winger Vegetable Shepherd's PieTaste of Home

Winter: Winger Vegetable Shepherd's Pie

We seem to eat for comfort during the holidays...but comfort foods aren't necessarily healthy. To make a classic comfort food dish more healthy, I came up with this lovely take: turkey shepherd's pie. It's perfect for putting out on your holiday buffet table. —Ann Sheehy, Lawrence, Massachusetts

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