This Easy Creme Brulee Is Taking Over the Internet Right Now

You only need three ingredients to make this creme brulee.

If there’s one silver lining to social distancing, being stuck indoors has been a boon for food creativity. People are making do with less—three-ingredient recipes are flourishing right now—with delectable results.

First, whipped coffee went viral thanks to buzzy social media app TikTok. Now there’s an easy creme brulee hack that’s taking the internet by storm, and when you see how it’s made you’ll be blown away!

What’s in the Creme Brulee?

This creme brulee recipe was adapted by @shefshaq on TikTok and has become wildly popular. So, what are the three ingredients? Just vanilla ice cream, egg yolks and sugar. That’s it!

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To make the classic version of this dessert, try our creme brulee recipe.

How Do I Make Easy Creme Brulee?

You melt 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream, then whisk in an egg yolk. Next, pour the mixture into a ramekin.

You’ll have to bake the creme brulee in a 350° oven. But first—and this is as complicated as the recipe gets—you put the ramekin into a pan filled with water. You might be familiar with this technique, called bain-marieif you’ve made cheesecake before. Then, refrigerate the creme brulee so the custard can set.

For the final touch, caramelize a tablespoon of sugar over medium-low heat and pour it on top. That will give you the crisp topping creme brulee is known for. You don’t even need a blow torch!

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