Ice Cream Bread Is a Thing and It’s So, So Good

You're only an hour away from a moist, delicious and ridiculously easy quick bread!

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Ice cream bread
Taste of Home

Classic Ice Cream Bread

The basic recipe for ice cream bread calls for two ingredients: softened ice cream and self-rising flour. Perhaps a spoonful of sugar, but that’s all. Thanks to the milk, eggs and sugar in the ice cream, plus salt and baking powder in the self-rising flour, you have all the ingredients to make a cake-like bread.

In other words, it’s almost like kitchen magic. Here are nine more clever ice cream bread ideas we love!

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Vanilla ice cream bread
The Weary Chef

Vanilla Ice Cream Bread

The first time Andi Gleason, the food blogger behind The Weary Chef, made ice cream bread, she decided to go totally basic. It did not disappoint! She suggests serving it as the base of a strawberry shortcake.

Psst…Here’s a top-rated recipe for strawberry shortcake inspiration!

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Chocolate ice cream cake
Newlyweds Blog

Chocolate Ice Cream Bread

Over at the Newlyweds Blog, Jenna Hooker tried her hand at chocolate ice cream bread, and while she expected a bit more sweetness, the blogger notes, “…but this really is bread, lightly sweet, great smothered with butter, or dipped in coffee, or milk. Oh heck, even served with more rocky road ice cream would be great!”

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Peanut butter chocolate ice cream bread
Sugar & Soul

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bread

Rebecca Hubbell, who blogs for Sugar & Soul, took the chocolate ice cream bread a step further with by adding chocolate chips and topping with a swirl of peanut butter before baking to create an outrageous peanut butter chocolate ice cream bread.

(Here are even more recipes for peanut butter lovers!)

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Blueberry ice cream bread
Sugar & Soul

Blueberry Ice Cream Bread

Hubbell didn’t stop at chocolate and peanut butter, however. By incorporating brown sugar and fresh blueberries, she came up with this delectable blueberry ice cream bread. “You can pick whatever flavor ice cream you’d like and if you want to spruce it up a bit you can add things like fruits and nuts like I did,” she explains.

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Strawberry ice cream cake
Sugar & Soul

Strawberry Ice Cream Bread

“Yup, it’s time for another ice cream bread,” Hubbell writes as she tackles strawberry ice cream bread, which she gives a breakfasty-crunch with crushed Special K with Red Berries cereal sprinkled on top. (You’ll never guess who else loves to eat Special K.)

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Cookies and cream ice cream bread
Food Babbles

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bread

Kate Donahue, who’s the cooking genius behind Food Babbles, did what I’ve been thinking about since I started hearing about ice cream bread: she made it with cookies and cream. Her cookies and cream ice cream bread might be one of the easiest recipes yet, although you’d never know by looking at it (or tasting it!).

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pistachio ice cream bread
Jolts & Jollies

Pistachio Almond Ice Cream Bread

Jolts & Jollies has shared many flavors of ice cream bread, but the pistachio almond ice cream bread looks most impressive with its perfectly pistachio shade of green (thanks to pistachio ice cream) and its generous chunks of almonds.

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Butter Pecan Ice Cream Bread
Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

Butter Pecan Ice Cream Bread

Miranda Couse, the blogger behind Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt, first heard about ice cream bread from none other than…Rebecca Hubbell of Sugar and Soul! For her butter pecan ice cream bread, she amped up the butter pecan flavor with an extra splash of vanilla and a sprinkling of toasted pecans on top. Yum!

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Cookie dough ice cream bread
Big Bear's Wife

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bread

“The people at Taste of Home magazine did theirs in a loaf pan,” notes Angie Barrett, who blogs at Big Bear’s Wife (thanks for the shoutout, Angie!), but she had much better luck using a Bundt pan when she made her cookie dough ice cream bread.

“Just think of all the different flavors you can make with this!!” she concludes. We completely agree!

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