Queen Elizabeth’s All-Time Favorite Foods

Not surprising: They're elegant in their simplicity.

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When you’re the Queen, you have access to some of the world’s greatest foods, but what is it that Queen Elizabeth II actually craves? Some of the royal family’s former chefs have dished on her faves, and we were shocked!

According to one such chef, Darren McGrady (who spoke to the Telegraph), the queen is not a foodie. But like anyone, there are a few things Her Majesty requests regularly. Read on to find out what they are.

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Tea Cookies

We’re not really surprised that the Queen starts her day off with Earl Grey tea and biscuits (cookies, in the States). Try these Earl Grey cookies that combine the two wonderful things.
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Scrambled Eggs

What may come as a surprise, however, is that on most mornings the monarch prefers to eat cold cereal. Special K, to be exact. Every once in a while, though, she indulges in some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with grated truffle. Our American scrambles may not be as fancy as those topped with truffle, but we do make some delicious eggs.
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Gin Cocktails

The queen loves a pre-lunch drink, therefore shouldn’t we all? What she prefers is gin and Dubonnet (a red wine aperitif) with a slice of lemon and a heaping amount of ice. Can’t get your hands on Dubonnet? We’re sure a gimlet with a slice of lime will suffice.
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Chocolate Cake

In regard to chocolate, McGrady reports, “She loves it.” Afternoon tea is served daily, of course, and often with chocolate perfection pie or a chocolate biscuit cake. We say this ganache-cloaked chocolate cake is fit for a queen.
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Fish Dinner

“When she dines on her own,” McGrady reports, “she’s very disciplined. No starch is the rule. No potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner. Just usually something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad.”
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Mangoes are another favorite of Queen Elizabeth, says another former palace chef, John Higgins, “The Queen really enjoyed mangoes..she could tell you how many mangoes were in the fridge at Buckingham Palace,” Higgins told the National Post. Our strawberry mango salad would be perfect for the queen.
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Tea Sandwiches

Higgins also reports that they’d make “little dainty afternoon tea sandwiches,” and mentioned how much patience it takes to make them. (The Queen eats her sandwiches crustless, so if you want to be extra authentic, trim away.)
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Chocolate Mousse

As we’ve mentioned, the Queen loves her chocolate (queen or no, she’s still human), but what is her favorite chocolate dessert? According to Higgins, that would have to be chocolate mousse. “Trust me, the plates were clean when they came back from the royal family,” said Higgins.
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Strawberry Jam

McGrady also told The Daily Mail that her Majesty loved jam pennies—small sandwiches filled with jam that are cut into circles the size of an old English penny. To make these scrumptious delights you’ll need an extra delicious jam to fill them. Try our delicious strawberry jam recipe!
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Beef Tournedos

Charles Mellis, royal chef in 1965, reported one of the dishes often served (when there were guests) was Tournedos Continental—small beef rounds typically accompanied by some sort of sauce. The chef recommended making one more round than there are guests, so that one piece remains after everyone’s been served. “No guest should be made to feel that he or she has been served with whatever was left,” he told Chatelaine.

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