An Easter Tree Is the Spring Decoration We All Need to See Right Now

We're happy to see that Christmas trees are branching out.

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At times like this, we could all use some Christmas cheer. Sure, the closest holiday is Easter, but does it matter? There’s never a wrong time to be in the giving, joyful spirit.

So perhaps it makes sense that one of Christmas’s most iconic decorations—the tree—isn’t just a December 25 thing anymore. We love the Easter trees that people are posting on Instagram right now!

What’s an Easter Tree?

OK, so Easter trees and Christmas trees are pretty different (but if you want to decorate a Christmas tree with Easter eggs, no one’s going to stop you). Christmas trees are usually upwards of 6 ft. tall, but Easter trees are way smaller—they’re a few branches in a vase—decorated with Easter eggs, ribbons and flowers. They’re cheerful, pastel and super cute.

Turns out, these adorable, pint-sized trees have been a thing for centuries in Germany (where they’re called Ostereierbaum) and Sweden. Today, they’re brightening up kitchen and side tables in homes around the world, and they’re so utterly perfect, we might just have to have more than one.

Looking for ways to decorate this Easter? Check out these ideas that’ll put a spring in your step.

How to Make an Easter Tree

One of the best things about the Easter tree is that it’s equally as easy to set up as it is adorable. The German tradition uses pussy willow branches, but you can probably go grab a few sticks from your backyard trees and plunk them in a vase—just make sure each one has enough “branches” to decorate.

From there, what you do is entirely up to you. Try hanging hand-painted Easter eggs for a personal touch (we love these decorating ideas!), or make your own reusable egg ornaments with no-fuss materials from a craft store. If you’re not feeling that creative, there are plenty of places to buy an Easter tree. No matter how you celebrate the springtime season, these adorable trees are bound to put a smile on your face.

Treats to Put Under the Easter Tree
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