The Jell-O Logo Is Changing—Here’s What the New Packaging Will Look Like

Updated: Aug. 02, 2023

The Jell-O logo is about to look more jiggly.

After a decade of using a bejeweled-looking 3D font, with a sparkle on the J and a curly O at the end, the new Jell-O logo will be… pretty minimalist. Jell-O isn’t the first food brand to give its logo this kind of face-lift. Brands like Betty Crocker, Pepsi, Hershey’s and Pringles have swapped iconic designs for fresh, simple and colorful logos (but never forgoing those hidden messages).

What Does the New Jell-O Logo Look Like?

The new Jell-O logo has dropped its thin font and curly O for a bold bubble font. And instead of the letters having a 3D look, the logo now uses a white drop shadow for dimension.

The packaging for Jell-O products will also have a more minimalist feel to match the red logo. Instead of swirly designs and colorful fruits bouncing on the package, Jell-O’s new packaging has simple colors and graphics to match its flavors and products—like a couple of raspberries or strawberries on a pink background, or a single slice of cheesecake on a blue background.

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While this change feels big, it isn’t Jell-O’s first redesign. Jell-O has seen around six major logo changes since it originally launched in 1845. Yes, this beloved snack is that old! You won’t believe the vintage Jell-O flavors that used to be in stores.

Why Is Jell-O Changing Its Logo?

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The graphic design trend right now is minimalist. The early 2000s found brands adopting 3D logos as digital technology become more sophisticated. It was like brands wanted to give digital logos as much dimension as they had in the real world! Now, to look modern, brands need simple logos. Jell-O is far from the only company to make a change. In the past couple years, fast-food chains like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway and Popeyes have opted for minimalist logos, too.

Experts at Kraft Heinz, the parent company that owns Jell-O, say this new logo will hopefully capture the “jiggly fun” that customers love. For us, it doesn’t matter how modern the logo is—we’ll still be making retro Jell-O desserts!

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