The Ultimate 2023 Thanksgiving Menu

Updated: Jun. 10, 2024

From the turkey to the trimmings and everything in between, these are the recipes you need for the perfect Thanksgiving menu.

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Marinated Thanksgiving Turkey

The secret to a perfectly tender and flavorful holiday turkey? In a word—marinate.  After marination, grill your turkey up for a smoky, barbecued flavor. This method will cook your turkey to golden-brown perfection every single time. For more helpful hints, check out this guide for how to cook a turkey to perfection with tips from our Test Kitchen experts.

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Cranberry Sauce

One thing we learned from The Pioneer Woman’s Thanksgiving tips is to make as many Thanksgiving dishes ahead of time as possible, which is why we love this cranberry sauce recipe. It stays fresh in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it. Plus, it’s a bit on the healthier side, but so delicious that your guests will never know!
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Apple Salad with Maple-Mustard Vinaigrette

Harness the flavors of fall with this refreshing Thanksgiving side. The apple and maple work together beautifully, and the lightness of this side dish balances out the richness and heartiness of other Thanksgiving dishes.
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Cranberry Ambrosia Salad

One bite of this fluffy ambrosia salad will transport you back in time to Thanksgiving at your grandmother’s house. You can keep this traditional recipe alive in your family by introducing it to younger generations, alongside these Thanksgiving sides.
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Skillet Sausage Stuffing

Here’s a tip: Try dressing up a store-bought stuffing mix this year. Not only will this recipe save you time, but with the addition of pork sausage, mushrooms, celery and onion, it’ll leave your guests wanting more! Discover more of our best-ever Thanksgiving recipes.
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Pecan-Cornbread Dressing

This pecan cornbread dressing requires only a few ingredients: cornbread, bacon, pecans, celery, green onion, butter… Need we say more?
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Mashed Potatoes with a Kick

With very few ingredients and only two steps of instructions, this recipe will be a game-changer on Thanksgiving day. Despite its simplicity, these mashed potatoes are full of flavor due to a secret ingredient.
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Seasoned Brown Rice Pilaf

Brown rice and festive seasoning give this pilaf a special holiday spin. With a quick prep time, this side can simmer while you set the rest of the table. If you’re serving lots of vegetarians or vegans, consider swapping the beef broth for veggie broth.
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Granola Streusel Cranberry Muffin Mix

Everyone wants a little something to eat for breakfast on Thanksgiving day. Whip up these granola streusel muffins and serve them with coffee. This keeps hungry guests at bay so that the kitchen can stay free of stragglers during the busy day of cooking.
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Roasted Red Pepper Green Beans

These green beans are smothered in a creamy sauce with shallot-and-chive cheese and topped with toasted pine nuts. Wowza! You’ll only need five ingredients and about twenty minutes to whip up and plate this popular Thanksgiving menu item.
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Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

What Thanksgiving menu is complete without Hasselback sweet potatoes? This recipe has a plethora of holiday flavors: orange zest, sage, toasty pecans and brown sugar butter, so every bite is packed with flavor and comfort.
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Family-Favorite Caramelized Onions

Whether it’s a topping for your turkey or an add-on to your stuffing recipe, these caramelized onions are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving menu. They’ll complement just about any Thanksgiving dish you serve!
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Baby Swiss Appetizer Cheesecake

Make this gorgeous baby swiss cheesecake ahead of your big cooking day. This appetizer can chill for up to 24 hours. Set it out with crackers on Thanksgiving day for your hungry guests so you can keep cooking the main course.
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Finnish Mulled Wine

If you can’t decide on the perfect wine for your Thanksgiving menu, look no further than Grandma’s Finnish Mulled Wine. Prep this drink the night before serving. After a long day of cooking and cleaning, this is the drink you’ll want to sit down with to kick off the celebration!

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Cranberry and Roasted Beet Salad

Sneak in this healthy beet blend over greens on your Thanksgiving menu. It makes an easy swap for cranberry relish, and it’s so tasty that it’s a hit with everyone—even the kid’s table!
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Fresh Cranberry Relish

This cranberry medley can easily be made in advance. Although it tastes a bit tart at first, the chilling brings all of the flavors together. Spoon it over turkey for some spicy-sweet contrast.
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Cranberry Orange Mimosas

Start the holiday off right—these cranberry orange mimosas are the perfect festive beverage to toast with. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Cheers!
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Better Brussels Sprouts

Save time on chopping veggies by buying Brussels sprout halves at the store. This delicious Thanksgiving side is even a hit amongst kiddos! The secret? A hint of coconut oil.
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Roasted Honey Sweet Potatoes

You don’t have to break a sweat in the kitchen with this easy Thanksgiving menu recipe. Roast sweet potatoes in cinnamon and honey to bring out their natural sweet flavor. For more ideas, see our collection of Thanksgiving dinner ideas.
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Cranberry Brie Pecan Pinwheels

Calling all baked brie lovers! These pinwheels will be your new favorite recipe on the Thanksgiving menu. Use puff pastry dough and brie to make this amazing appetizer. For more ideas, these are our recipes for easy Thanksgiving appetizers.
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Mini Pumpkin Spice Trifles

Make dessert a bit more special with these mini pumpkin spice trifles. Skip the pie buffet and give guests their own individual trifle. Talk about a sweet treat!
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Maple-Glazed Green Beans

With a little bit of bacon and bourbon, no one can resist these maple green beans. This recipe comes together quickly and gets everyone excited about eating their vegetables.
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Mom’s Sweet Potato Bake

This might just be the most important dish on your Thanksgiving menu—sweet potato casserole, just like mom used to make! Brown sugar, butter and a nutty topping are the keys to this delicious side. Your guests will be in creamy sweet potato heaven!
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Garlic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard Sauce

An irresistible garlic mustard sauce makes these Brussels sprouts hard to pass up. Bonus: this recipe is on the table in just 20 minutes.
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Thyme-Roasted Carrots

For a lighter side for your Thanksgiving spread, try these honey thyme carrots. Here’s a tip: cutting carrots lengthwise gives them an elegant, feast-worthy look.
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Corn Pudding

Don’t forget the corn pudding! Corn has long been a staple of the Thanksgiving holiday. Serve up this creamy southern classic with your feast and there won’t be any leftovers.
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Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

If you’ve got leftover canned pumpkin and cranberries, this is the recipe for you. This moist quick bread comes together with just a few simple ingredients for the perfect post-Thanksgiving treat.

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Honey-Squash Dinner Rolls

Complete your Thanksgiving menu with puffy dinner rolls. These fluffy rolls have a festive color and a delicious texture—just add any variety of squash to the dough.
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Cranberry Pecan Tassies

Finish off your feast with these darling pecan tassies. This version of the classic recipe adds cranberries. Guests will love nibbling on these light and buttery goodies after a heavy meal.
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Deviled Eggs with Bacon

It’s been said before that every recipe can be improved upon with bacon—these deviled eggs prove that point! Bacon, relish and a hint of paprika are all it takes to take your deviled eggs from good to great.
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Holiday Salsa

Stock up on cream cheese and holiday salsa for your grazing table this season. It won’t just come in handy on Thanksgiving, but on Christmas, New Year’s and every gathering in between! The cold creaminess of the cheese perfectly compliments the firey sweetness of the holiday salsa.

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Bacon and Fontina Stuffed Mushrooms

Get ready for your guests to drop their jaws in amazement—these mushroom caps are stuffed with cheesy, bacony goodness. You’ll be repeating this recipe long after the holiday is over!
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Pumpkin Pie Martinis

Looking for the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail? This pumpkin pie martini is a festive addition to your Thanksgiving menu. Use heavy whipping cream, vanilla vodka, pumpkin spice seasoning and a little vanilla wafer for garnish.
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Slow-Cooker Apple Cider

If it’s looking like your holiday will fall on a chilly day, there’s no better way to cozy up than with piping hot apple cider. This recipe comes together in your slow cooker so you can focus on other recipes while it’s simmering.
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Hot Spiced Wine

For a fancier take on holiday wine, try this hot spiced wine recipe. It fuses red wine with fall flavors like apple and clove so guests can enjoy a special drink to pair with a special feast.
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Honey Spiced Latte

If you’re hosting a bit earlier in the day and your crowd is full of coffee drinkers, this honey spiced latte will be a huge hit. Brew your favorite coffee in the coffee pot, then use a saucepan to froth up foamy, flavorful goodness to spoon on top.