Martha Stewart Just Shared Her Favorite Thanksgiving Cocktail and We Can’t Wait to Try It

This Thanksgiving cocktail is sure to set the mood for the holiday festiviites.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Thanksgiving cocktail? Flavorful, refreshing and a little boozy, these fall drinks embrace the mood and flavors of the season. That’s why were were so excited to hear about Martha Stewart’s latest cocktail creation: a seasonal twist on a classic whiskey sour.

What Is Martha Stewart’s Go-To Thanksgiving Cocktail?

Martha Stewart’s favorite Thanksgiving cocktail is an Apple Cider Bourbon Sour. This seasonal spin on the traditional bourbon sour recipe incorporates the flavor of fall. With warm bourbon spices and sweet punchy apple cider, this whiskey drink makes for the perfect pairing for your turkey day festivities.

And Martha Stewart doesn’t just have signature cocktail wisdom. She also offers some turkey-day advice with this cheesecloth substitute for turkey hack.

Apple Cider Whiskey Sour Recipe


  • 8 oz. bourbon (swap the bourbon for orange juice if you want a mocktail)
  • 16 oz. apple cider
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Optional: Brown sugar for rim


Step 1: Grab a pitcher and your favorite bourbon

The Thanksgiving cocktail recipe starts with a pitcher filled with 8 ounces of bourbon. Martha’s favorite is Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon, but use whatever you love and have on hand.

Step 2: Add lemon and apple cider

After adding the bourbon and apple cider to the pitcher, Martha grabs a citrus juicer to squeeze in the juice of one lemon. Then she stirs well to combine all her ingredients.

Tip: If you want it really cold, you can shake it with ice instead of stirring but remove the ice before serving so you don’t have a watered-down drink.

Step 3: Add a sugary rim

Martha makes the drink festive by dipping the rim in lemon juice and then rolling the rim in brown sugar for a holiday-ready garnish. It’s sweet and adds a little appreciated flare to your holiday bar cart.

Tip: Not sure about the sugar? Rim half of the glass to let your guests decide whether they like the sweetness or not.

How to Make It Your Own

This Thanksgiving cocktail is fun because it’s a very versatile drink that you can customize and make your own. While Martha makes hers using a Kentucky bourbon, a favorite whiskey of any sort could work, including a rye, which would also be delightful.

Adding cinnamon stick to each serving is another easy garnish idea that adds fall flavor into the mix.

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