Costco Is Selling Huge 4-Pound Fudge Brownies Right Now

These fudge brownies are just more proof that Costco always comes through with the goods.

By now, it’s not exactly a secret that Costco isn’t just a place to stock up on multi-packs of toilet paper and score free samples. Everyone has a favorite section, and the bakery turns out world-class desserts in all forms. Recent finds that showcase the warehouse store’s pastry skills include a multi-layered tuxedo mousse cake and a giant double-crust apple pie.

One of the latest sweet treats to come across our radar is a massive pan of fudge brownies—and we can’t wait to try a square! By the way, here’s how to make microwave fudge.

What Makes This Brownie SO Good?

IG account @costcobuys had the scoop on this newest dessert to show up in Costco’s bakery. The label describes them as a decadent fudge brownie, and the crumb topping and chocolate drizzle certainly back up the claim of decadence. But if what’s inside matters to you more, these brownies are the deliciously rich and gooey style that are more fudgy than cakey.

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For a little extra oomph, we might put the pan in the oven to warm them up a bit. They do come in a handy aluminum tray, after all. The warm brownie squares would be the perfect foundation for a homemade brownie sundae.

When Can I Find the Brownies?

You’ll have to head to your local Costco now to nab these sweets. Be aware that his pan of fudgy brownies is a new addition that started showing up in stores last week, so they might not have made it to the floor in all locations. Best of all, the brownies come in a huge 60-ounce tray (that’s almost 4 pounds) and retail for $12.99, which sounds like a bargain!

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