There’s a GIANT 2-Pound Costco Tiramisu Bar Cake We Need for Dessert

This Costco tiramisu cake is on sale right now!

Everyone knows that Costco is the place for all of your regular grocery shopping needs and then some. It’s now go-to source for brand-name clothing, plus this enormous ready-to-bake chicken potpie.

There are tons of things to buy at Costco, and we’re about to add another to the list: Costco tiramisu cake!

What’s in the Tiramisu Cake?

Like traditional tiramisu, this dessert is layered with ladyfingers and mascarpone cream, all dusted with cocoa powder. It also has layers of coffee-soaked sponge cake. However, unlike traditional tiramisu, this ready-to-eat treat clocks in at 2 pounds. It’s the perfect dessert to share with friends for a get-together (socially distanced, of course) or family movie night.

This Costco tiramisu cake is almost as popular as our recipe for Lemon Tiramisu.

How Much Is the Tiramisu Cake?

This Costco tiramisu cake is normally $15.99. Keep an eye out, though. Because according to @costco_empties, a fan account on Instagram, it can be marked down to $13.99, a price cut we’re her for.

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The cake tends to disappear from Costco’s bakery and reappear randomly, so head to your local store soon! If you can’t find this one, then here’s a list of hard-to-resist Costco cakes.

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