Costco Is Selling a Creamy Tuxedo Mousse Cake We Need for Dessert

We'll take two, please!

The holidays are just around the corner, and some of us are hard at work preparing an exquisite Thanksgiving meal. While we’re shining up our best pots, pans and dinnerware, we can’t let ourselves forget one of the greatest parts of the holiday. Dessert! If you ask me, you can never have enough dessert options at a family get together.

Who better to help us out with some delectable desserts than Costco? The superstore always has something tantalizing and new for us to try, including this incredible tuxedo cake.

What Is the Costco Tuxedo Mousse Cake?

If you’ve not had it, let me try to explain. It’s a multi-layered cake that includes both dark and white chocolate. Let’s start from the ground up:

The bottom is a delicious, rich chocolate cake that creates a solid base. On top of that, you’ll find a creamy chocolate mousse brimming with chewy brownie pieces for a little more dimension. Following that is another creamy mousse layer; however, this one is a white chocolate and vanilla mousse to compliment the dark chocolates beneath it. And then on the very top of everything is a super smooth, concentrated dark chocolate ganache. Don’t forget about the spiraled chocolate decorations. Mmmmm!

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Fans of this cake are fans for good reason. This cake is out of this world good! It’s a perfect treat for all the chocolate lovers in your life, and you only need a small slice to get all that decadent flavor, which means there’s more to go around!

If you’re not too into the chocolate scene, check out this GIANT double-crust apple pie. Yum!

How Much Is This Cake?

For a limited time, these tuxedo cakes are selling at a discounted price. You can grab one for just $13.99 each until November 22. That’s $2 off the regular price! Sounds like this might be the perfect time to snag two or three, don’t you think? And don’t forget the eggnog!

Melany Love
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