Costco Is Selling a Pumpkin Loaf with Cream Cheese Icing and White Chocolate Shavings

This Costco pumpkin loaf is certain to be a hit with your morning java.

We thought fall couldn’t taste any better than Costco’s 4-pound pumpkin pie, but how mistaken we were. Everyone’s favorite warehouse store is known for selling food and home goods in bulk, but you don’t want to pass over the store’s fresh-baked items either. We just caught wind of the new 5-pound chicken potpie and now there’s another delightful baked good to give the classic pumpkin pie a run for its money: a Costco pumpkin loaf in all of its frosted glory!

What’s the Pumpkin Loaf Like?

Look for the pumpkin spice loaf in a cardboard box with a see-through top in the bakery section. You’ll immediately see the layer of thick cream cheese icing atop a cake-like loaf that appears dense but manages to still be fluffy and moist. Even if you’re on the verge of suffering PSL-induced fatigue, you’re still going to love the cinnamon-sugar that’s swirled throughout this pumpkin loaf.

The smooth cream cheese icing gives off carrot cake vibes, though it’s enhanced with the addition of white chocolate shavings for a little extra decadence. Just try to resist picking off a few curls on the ride home!

How Much Is the Pumpkin Loaf?

You can get your own pumpkin spice loaf for around $8, which is a bargain for all this goodness. In fact, seasonal baked goods like this are part of what make a Costco membership worth it.

We can already see ourselves waking up in the morning and having a slice of pumpkin loaf with a cup of coffee. And if this baked treat is too much for a whole family to eat in a reasonable amount of time, it will certainly freeze well, too. Do you know how long food lasts in the freezer? Spoiler: quick breads like this pumpkin loaf can handle 2-3 months in a deep freeze.

Krista Garcia
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