Costco Is Now Selling Ice Cream Sundaes at the Food Court

Costco's food court just expanded its legendary menu. Here's one more reason to stop for a snack!

Everyone loves the Costco food court. Who can resist the chicken bakes, $1.99 pizza slices and the budget-friendly hot dog combo? Now there’s a cool new reason to pay a visit to the food court: ice cream sundaes!

Costco’s hot dog deal has been just $1.50 since 1984. Find more surprising facts about your local Costco food court.

What’s the Scoop with Costco’s Sundaes?

OK, you might be thinking, Doesn’t the Costco food court already sell ice cream? Well, sort of. But those cups of vanilla, chocolate and swirl are made with nonfat yogurt. Same with the classic Very Berry Sundae. Sure, it’s good. Sometimes you want the real deal, though.

According to Instagram account @costcoinsider, you can now order a vanilla ice cream sundae topped with strawberry or chocolate sauce for $2.49 cup. There’s also a $1.99 waffle cone, for ice cream purists.

Just a reminder that Costco is observing social distancing and asking customers to wear face coverings. Be safe if you decide to venture out.

Making Ice Cream at Home Is Easy, Too!

If you’re staying closer to home and limiting your shopping trips, why not try making your own ice cream and frozen yogurt? It’s a fun project and you don’t even need an ice cream machine. All you need is a hand mixer and a baking dish, plus four ingredients: heavy cream, half and half, sugar and vanilla.

Our All-Time Favorite Sundaes
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