Costco Is Selling a GIANT 4-Pound Double-Crust Apple Pie

Who wouldn't be thankful for this Costco apple pie?!

Costco is a beloved store for countless reasons: the family-sized staples, that $1.50 hot dog deal in the Food Court, seasonal treats like eggnog liqueur and more. Plus, shopping at Costco can help save you money.

The Costco bakery has been on fire lately, too. Recently, it has turned out noteworthy items like this 5-pound chicken potpie, pumpkin pie and a pumpkin loaf with cream cheese frosting, as well as the iconic 4-pound carrot cake.

Our next fall favorite is a huge double-crust Costco apple pie!

What’s the Apple Pie Like?

Spotted by @CostcoBuys on Instagram, this hefty treat promises the best of fall flavors. The pie takes organic apples, then mixes them with cinnamon and sugar and enrobes them top and bottom in a flaky golden crust sprinkled with sugar. It’s not the typical lattice-style crust on top, but rather a solid crust with six decorative air vents sliced in.

Even though your Thanksgiving will look different this year, you’re still going to need dessert. We’re certain this Costco pie would be amazing as-is, served at room temperature, but we imagine it would be next level if warmed up in the oven and served a la mode with a scoop of the best vanilla ice cream.

How Do I Get This Apple Pie?

Like most Costco buys, you’ll either have to head to your local club or hope that the apple pie shows up on Instacart. One of the best parts of this autumnal dessert is that it will only cost around $12.99—what’s not to love?

Feeling Ambitious? Bake a Fall Pie at Home!
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