Your Guide to Freezing Brownies

When you want to save these fudgy treats for later, you'll need to know how to freeze brownies.

When I’ve just made a fresh pan of warm brownies, there is one thought that flashes through my mind: “How can I make them last as long as possible?” The answer is simple—freeze ’em!

Can You Freeze Brownies?

Yes! Freezing brownies is simple, though some types thaw better than others. If a recipe calls for cream cheese swirl or jam filling, those dairy and liquid-based ingredients may sweat as they come to room temperature. This extra moisture won’t change the flavor of the brownies, but it will affect the appearance and texture.

Also, if you want to freeze a recipe for frosted brownies, it’s best to leave them unfrosted. You can add the frosting later when they’ve thawed.

Generally, brownies can be frozen for three months and returned to their original fresh-from-the-oven state without an issue.

How to Freeze Brownies

Freezing food is easy. There are a couple of options for storing these chocolaty indulgences long term. Pick your method based on what you want to use them for in the future.

How to Freeze a Whole Pan of Brownies

Freezing brownies as an uncut slab is the best method for protecting them from freezer burn and oxidation. Since air can only creep into the brownies from the edges of the slab, the center is totally protected from drying out or slight color changes.

To freeze a whole pan (or a pan short of a slice!), line the pan you’ll bake in with parchment. Make sure plenty of the paper pokes out above the brownies so it is easy to grab—you’ll use it to remove the baked brownies from the pan.

After baking the brownies, let them cool completely. Wrap the whole sheet of brownies tightly with plastic wrap, then wrap with foil.

This method keeps the brownies at their tastiest. It is not ideal, though, if you want individual brownies available at the blink of an eye. The sheet of brownies will need to thaw completely before they can be sliced and served.

How to Freeze Individual Brownies

If you prefer a brownie to be available at any time—chocolate cravings are real!—freeze them individually.

Slice cooled brownies and place them in a glass or plastic container in a single layer. Cover that layer with wax or parchment paper. Press the paper lightly into the top of each brownie to create a better seal. Top with another layer of brownies and repeat until the container is full or you run out of brownies. Make sure to cover the top layer of brownies with paper, too, to keep them as fresh as possible.

How to Thaw Brownies

Defrosting brownies is a snap! Unwrap and set them on a plate on the counter to allow them to come to room temperature. (While you wait for them to thaw, check out our advice on freezing cookies.)

If you just can’t wait for your fudgy treat, pop it into the microwave on 50 percent power for 15-second increments. Don’t let it get too hot—best to test a little nibble first.

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