Chili’s Is Now Selling To-Go Margaritas by the GALLON, and We’re Ready to Celebrate

You can take Chili's one-gallon margaritas to go!

We haven’t really been able to enjoy happy hours with friends for the past year. Instead of entertaining, we spent time hunkered down at home, marathoning Netflix shows and making do with small pick-me-up purchases.

But one of the bright spots during the pandemic was seeing restaurants offer cocktails to go. Now, Chili’s is taking that trend up a notch by offering gallon-sized margaritas!

It’s Mar-Go-Rita Madness

To be clear, it’s not a one-gallon single-serve margarita. You’re supposed to share! At select Chili’s locations, the chain is offering margaritas by the gallon to-go. They come in big plastic bags with handles for convenience and a screw-off cap for precision pouring. Just rim a glass with salt, add ice and pour away.

If you do the math, you’ll be practically set for life. The average serving size of a margarita is 4 ounces, which means one gallon equals 32 cocktails. Sure, it’s not that difficult to whip up a batch of margaritas yourself. All you need for a classic version is tequila, triple sec and lime juice. But we really love the idea of a ready-to-pour version.

They’re Discounted—But Only for One Day

Chili’s is home to the $5 “Margarita of the Month,” so it’s guaranteed the restaurant knows a little something about a deal. If you didn’t know, Chili’s celebrates its birthday on March 13, and this year, the chain is offering a present for everyone. On that date only, Chili’s will be offering its one-gallon margaritas for just $30. Normally, they sell for $40, so ten dollars off is an amazing deal!

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