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The Best Ways to Use Every Type of Onion

Not sure what to make with that bag of onions you bought? Try one of these flavorful onion recipes. We have ideas for every variety.

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Red Onion

Arguably one of the prettiest veggies you can put on your plate, red onions are known for their vibrant hue and mild-sweet flavor. Try ’em in dishes where they’re the star of the show, such as atop avocado toast, grilled with steak or served raw in a summery salad.

Get our best red onion recipes here.

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Yellow Onion

Yellow onions are a kitchen staple. And when cooked low and slow, they take on a rich, caramelized taste. Try them in one of these recipes for savory dips, soups or roasts.

Get our best yellow onion recipes here.

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Onion PieTaste of Home

White Onion

Often one of the larger, rounder onions on the grocery store shelves, white onions add a strong flavor to any dish. They’re tasty cooked or served raw, and we love them in side dishes, sandwiches or served with a cut of meat.

Get our best white onion recipes here.

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Teriyaki Glazed ChickenTaste of Home

Sweet Onion

Sweet onions are known for their, well, sweet flavor, and they complement a wide variety of dishes, from stir-fry to salads. They’re also a great choice for making pickled onions!

Get our best sweet onion recipes here.

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Small yet packed with flavor, shallots add a subtle onion-y flavor to your dishes. They’re a great choice for egg-based recipes, soups and vegetable sides. Their pretty purple hue doesn’t hurt, either!

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Green Onions

For a mild, crunchy, so-good-you-can-eat-them-raw taste, pick up a bunch of green onions. They’re the perfect addition to Asian dishes, loaded potatoes, spring salads and more.

Get our best green onion recipes here.

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French-Fried Onions

These onions aren’t just for grandma’s Thanksgiving casserole. Use a can of the crunchy bits to elevate tenderloin, mashed potatoes, burgers—pretty much anything!

Get our best French-fried onion recipes here.

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