You Can Now Buy a Pint of Cinnabon Frosting, and We’re Putting It on Everything

Updated: Feb. 23, 2024

Indulge in Cinnabon cream cheese frosting one spoonful at a time.

We’re creeping up on the holidays, and you know what that means—all things sweet. The best Christmas treats are already on shelves, like Costco’s famous hot cocoa bombs and all the Aldi Advent calendars we can get our hands on. If your holidays are less about cocoa and calendars and more about Cinnabon, though, this year is about to get even sweeter.

That’s right—you can now get a pint of Cinnabon frosting to enjoy at home. Whether you prefer to spoon it out one bite at a time or drizzle it on homemade cinnamon rolls, you’ll want to have a pint or two in stock this Christmas.

We’re Already in the Christmas Spirit

You can buy take-home pints of the famous Cinnabon frosting again this Christmas, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Every pint is filled to the brim and decked out with snowman packaging to really ring in the holidays. Could you think of anything cuter (and tastier) for Secret Santa?!

You can use this in so many ways—throw some onto carrot cake, add some to pumpkin spice cupcakes to finish off the last of the fall goodies or just dig right in—the sky’s the limit! Curl up with your Cinnabon cream cheese frosting in front of your favorite Christmas flicks on Netflix or the Hallmark Channel for a true holiday treat.

That’s not all—you can also hop onto the Cinnabon website to find holiday recipes for your cream cheese frosting, including a grilled strawberry, brie and cream cheese sandwich, frosting hot chocolate and a frosting-rimmed cookie martini. We don’t blame you if you stick to the traditional Cinnabon treats this year, though.

How to Buy the Cinnabon Frosting

Seeing as this is a seasonal thing, Cinnabon’s frosting pints won’t be around for long. They roll out today, November 8, and you’re unlikely to find them after the holidays head back up the chimney. For the time being, though, you can snag a pint at a Cinnabon bakery near you.

If you prefer delivery, have no fear—you can also get Cinnabon frosting delivered depending on your location. Not sure if this perk is available in your area? You should use Cinnabon’s nifty store locator so you can fill up this holiday season.

We can’t wait to dig into Cinnabon frosting by the fire!

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